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Group Escort Report - Alaska, Denali and the Yukon

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A few years ago, during the land portion of the Alaska, Denali and the Yukon adventure, something special happened while our coach was winding its way along a scenic, but nearly deserted roadway in Alaska. Someone yelled out "Bear!" and our driver safely stopped and pulled over.  There, on the side of the roa, a brown bear was just a stone's throw away, and it was simply magical!

You may have heard people say that “travelling makes us feel young.” Well, it’s true. Travelling awakens the child-like wonder in all of us. There were sounds of excitement as we all jumped up to get a look at the bear. What an unexpected, marvelous moment to experience the sight of two adorable cubs scampering up a tree while Mamma bear stood guard at its base.

I remember the silence in the coach as we hushed, taking turns looking through the windows in awe and trying to take that “picture worth a thousand words” photo. Then, as the coach started back on the road again, we were all talking at once, exclaiming how fortunate we were, being in the right place at the right time.

The time it took for us to stop may have delayed us from reaching our destination on schedule that day; however, sometimes it’s these unexpected events that happen which make for a truly memorable trip. Or when our itinerary was changed due to flooding at Eagle, we had to drive along the scenic Top of the World highway to Dawson City instead and were blessed with the experience of a beautiful rainbow!

This great land of the Yukon and Alaska is so expansive, the wildlife incredible, the history and stories spellbinding. While in Glacier Bay, be sure to pause and listen…to hear the splitting sounds as huge pieces of glacier crack; watch where the pieces fall, crashing into the waters below as passenger cheer…incredible! Truly an experience that creates a lasting memory. Throughout this momentous journey, there are so many highlights that heighten the senses along with many opportunities to simply have fun.

I encourage anyone who has Alaska on their bucket list to check out Craig Travel's Alaska, Denali and the Yukon cruise and tour. You’ll be sure to experience wondrous moments to treasure in your heart and you’ll have a really good time too! You will want to encourage your friends and family to join you!

On the road in majestic Alaska!  Photo by Lorraine Guerreiro,Look momma, we can climb!  Photo by Lorraine Guerreiro,,,Energetic puppies at the Homestead of the Idatrod racer family

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