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Group Escort Profile - Mary Taylor

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CT   Why did you decide you would like to tour lead for Craig Travel?

MT   After taking a number of tours with Craig, and loving every one of them, I felt it was time to share my love of travel, and my past experiences, with others. I have been involved in international travel programs for university students for a number of years. Each program that I have coordinated has reinforced my belief that travel is life-changing. I feel that I would now like to share the joy of these adventures with other adults who wish to step beyond their own culture and customs to see the diversity of our world.

CT   What specifically, in your career, may have prepared you for this position?

MT   I have been a teacher for almost 40 years – at the school, school board and university level – and have a passion for learning. The best learning experiences take place in new situations, where people have the opportunity to see similarities and differences, to explore the wealth of our world’s diverse cultures and discover the hopes and dreams that we all share.

CT   What has been your favourite destination so far and why?

MT   It’s so hard to pick a favourite, of course, but the destinations I have loved most are Peru, for the diversity of it’s landscape and lifestyles, and India, for it’s richness of colour, amazing cities and beautiful forts and palaces. Island destinations that I have loved the most are the Maldives and St. Lucia – so I am thrilled to be revisiting St. Lucia on the upcoming Caribbean cruise that I will escort.

CT   What destinations are still on your bucket list and why?

MT   Tibet, Indonesia, Iceland and Argentina are some of the places that I would love to visit. However, sometimes destinations that may not be on my “preferred” list turn out to be magical. It’s good to be open to every opportunity!

CT   Name 3 things that you find most rewarding about escorting our groups.

MT   I love the camaraderie of the Craig Travel groups - the sense of shared experience is very powerful. I also love the diversity of knowledge and insight that people bring to the trip; the personal skills and connections that each person brings enriches the whole group. The spirit of adventure among the travellers is contagious; everyone looks forward to each new day and each new venture, so every day begins with a sense of excitement.

CT   What is the next group you have been assigned to lead?

MT   I will be leading a cruise to the Southern Caribbean, a region I have been to many times. I have visited every island on the itinerary except one, and have loved them all. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to revisit many of my favourite places.

CT   What are your hobbies i.e. what do you do when you are not travelling?

MT   When I’m not travelling, I am thinking about travelling, talking about travelling, or researching and planning trips! I love watersports and spend much of my time, both at home and on vacations, engaged in snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming and canoeing. However, I also love to cook (and take international cooking classes), read, photograph and write.

CT   What other things you would like our readers to know?

MT   I am a keen technology user, always seeking out new and easy ways to share thoughts and photographs with friends and family.