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Group Escort Profile - Lynn Macdonald

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Tell our readers how you came to lead tours with us. 
I was working as a seasonal Tour Manager for other companies and joined Craig Travel to be able to lead tours where I could go to destinations where there would be national guides on the tours. I found that I preferred leading tours with Craig Travel and Canadian groups. I now lead groups for Craig Travel exclusively. 

What are some of your favourite destinations?
I have loved every destination I’ve explored and am always excited about the next one. I have taken tours to China, Japan, Central Europe, the Baltic States and Australia and New Zealand. A cruise around South America and the Southern Caribbean, a River Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam, and from Moscow to St Petersburg, the Rocky Mountaineer and an Alaska Cruise. Every place, no matter how big or small has something interesting about it and makes me feel that it is great to be there!

What destinations are still on your bucket list?
LM I enjoy going everywhere! I would like to see more of Asia. The Arctic, Antarctic, the Galapagos and Iceland are high on my wish list because of the wild life and the dramatic scenery.

What do you find most rewarding about leading our tours?
The people. I find that the passengers on Craig Travel tours are interesting, knowledgeable and fun to travel with. The tours are well prepared and of good quality. Destinations are well thought out with interesting excursions. 

What is the next tour you will lead? 
Iceland, Land of Fire and Ice, September 16 – 26 and I can’t wait! We still have some space, so call the office and reserve your spot! You can save $200 per person if you book by March 29. 

Reading and playing Bridge. I have 3 grandchildren under 3 living nearby. I have to confess that they take up most of my time.

Tell us more.
I was born and raised in South Africa. I married a Scot and spent 12 years living in England and Scotland and then a brief return to South Africa. After the premature death of my husband, I immigrated to Canada in 1996. I have two daughters and a step son and daughter. I have seven wonderful grandchildren. All the family except two are in Canada. We are now all proud Canadian citizens.