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Group Escort Profile - Judith Moore

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CT - Judith, why did you decide you would like to tour lead for Craig Travel?
JM I have heard many great comments about Craig Travel and since the company I have worked for is closing its doors, I am looking for new adventures.

CT - What specifically, in your career, may have prepared you for this position?
JM - I have been a teacher for 25 years with the Halton Board of Education. I led treks for 20 years in Nepal and recently I helped plan and led trips to India, both north and south, Vietman & Cambodia and most recently to Myanmar.

CT - What has been your favourite destination so far and why?
JM - The mountains of Nepal will always be in my heart. I love the climbing, the energy of a trek and meeting the wonderful enthusiastic people of Nepal. I also love Haida Gawii.

CT - What destinations are still on your bucket list and why?
JM - South Africa – always high on my list – the animals, history and climate; Chile, Argentina & Patagonia – The landscapes in this part of the world appeal to me.

CT - Name three things that you find most rewarding about escorting our groups.
JM - Making new friends with people who have a desire to learn about new cultures; helping to introduce travellers to new experiences and cultures; I love to travel and am happy to share my experiences with others.

CT - What is the next group you have been assigned to lead?
JM - Two upcoming tours I am excited about are Northern Spain, Camino Trail and Beyond – Sept 2018, and Colombia, Coffee and Culture – March 2019.

CT - What are your hobbies?
JM - Hiking, photography, bird watching, cooking, reading and Kayaking. I love to discover new plants, animals and birds when I am in a new country.