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Group Escort Profile - Jenny and Bob Cameron

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What interested you in leading tours for Craig Travel?
From our multiple experiences of travelling with Craig Tours we have had excellent tour leaders who inspired us to become tour leaders as well. Tour participants we have travelled with have always been wonderful people to get to know and be with.

What specifically, in your career, may have prepared you for this position?
Jenny: Throughout my career as a Registered Nurse working in Hospital, Public Health, and Parish Nursing I have developed strong interaction skills, empathy and understanding of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages. I am also an Ordained Deacon in the Anglican Church and serve at All Saints’ Kingsway Church in Toronto.
Bob: A career in sales and as a technical advisor in the stone industry has allowed me to meet many people from a variety of backgrounds and to both teach and learn from them. We have travelled to many places with Craig Travel and on our own over many years. Our travels have taken us around North America, Europe, Uganda, Scandinavia, Iceland, Caribbean, Hawaii, the Holy Land and more.

What has been your favourite destination so far and why?
The amazing thing about travel is every place has its own history, beauty and personality that continues to enthrall us. Some of our favourites have been Israel, the Yukon, Norway, Ireland and Oberammergau.

What destinations are still on your bucket list and why?
New Zealand and Australia, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Arctic and/or Antarctic, South America, Japan.

Name 3 things that you feel will be most rewarding about escorting our groups
1) Having the opportunity to share our love of travel and contribute to making Craig tours fun and interesting by helping participants feel comfortable and develop friendships.
2) Having the opportunity to meet and get to know fellow travellers as we explore the world.
3) Utilize our past travel experiences to resolve any unforeseen challenges to facilitate the tour running smoothly so participants can relax and enjoy.

What is the next group you have been assigned to lead?
We will lead a group to the beautiful Channel Islands in September 2020.

What are your hobbies?
Jenny: Birding, travel, playing cello in a community orchestra, gardening, knitting, volunteering at the YMCA. I also love spending time with my children and grandchildren
Bob: Travel, photography, fishing, woodworking, golf, birding and spending time with family.