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Group Escort Profile - Barbara Sykes

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Why did you decide you would like to escort tours for Craig Travel?
My first Tour was escorting a Bible Study Group to Israel. Craig Travel did such a good job putting this together that when I was invited to escort other tours, I was happy to do so.

What specifically, in your career, may have prepared you for this position?
I am a retired (mostly) Anglican priest. Prior to that I was a teacher. Both careers involved “pastoral care,” planning in detail, flexibility and paying attention to people’s needs.

What has been your favourite destination so far?
The Canadian Arctic. I had no idea that the Baffin Coast was so beautiful and the Inuit crew members impressed me in unforgettable ways.

What destinations are still on your bucket list?
The Rocky Mountaineer because it traverses a beautiful part of Canada that I haven’t visited in years; Costa Rica for the natural beauty; the Gibraltar area because I enjoyed Tunisia and think Spain and North West Africa would be interesting.

Name 3 things that you feel are most rewarding about escorting our groups.
1. The people we meet are interested in exploring the world and have usually had interesting life experiences.
2. We get to experience areas of the world that we might otherwise overlook.
3. I always learn something about the people or history or present concerns that enriches my knowledge.

What is the next group you have been assigned to lead?
Yorkshire and the Lake District, September 2019, then Croatian Adventure with Oberammergau in May 2020 and then a cruise – History and Beauty of the Hudson in October 2020.

What are your hobbies?
I still supply in several churches, play bridge, attend Aquafit and SMART fit classes to stay healthy, attend concerts, theatrical productions and art shows. This year I took an icon painting course.

Other comments?
Group travel with an escort is fun and worry free. I’ve found our groups to be very open to include everyone. Sometimes lasting friendships develop.

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