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Gardenview Cruising - Our Top 5 Gardens to Visit on a Cruise

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Spring is in the air, and with it many of us are planning and dreaming of the incredible things we could do with our gardens over the next few months. Inspiration comes from many places: the colourful magazines and flower catalogues, the blooming beauties we see out on our walks, the flower shows of years gone past and the incredible trips we have taken throughout the world. We are headed into spring 2021 knowing that we may continue to spend much of our free time at home and with that knowledge we can better plan (and pre-order) our desired plants for the upcoming year. It is also the perfect time to start planning your next trip as travel restrictions will start to ease as more vaccinations are rolled out across the country. What better way to combine the things you love most than to visit some of the world's most incredible natural displays on your next trip? To peak your interest I've put together a list of our top 5 gardens you can visit on your next cruise.


Keukenhof Gardens


Renowned as “the most beautiful spring garden in the world”, Keukenhof Gardens is a brilliant display of colour that you can visit on your springtime Waterways of Holland and Belgium Cruise. Opening to the public in 1950, the spring park displays 7 million spring-flowering bulbs, showcased by 100 exhibitors in a kaleidoscope of texture and colour. A supporter of the arts, the garden works in collaboration with 25 artists to create a visual display of sculpture and art installations accented by the flowering park. To learn more visit our Destination Amsterdam page...


Botanic Garden, Singapore


The first designated UNESCO Heritage Site in the city-state of Singapore, the Botanic Gardens is a diverse display of nature. Throughout their incredible gardens, ranging from a Ginger Garden and Swan Lake to a Bonsai Garden and Learning Forest, there are 59 proud Heritage Trees silently taking in the guests from far and wide that have come to visit their ancient home. Several cruises to East Asia and the South Pacific feature a visit to Singapore. If you have time for an extended visit to the garden, it won’t disappoint. If you are interested in a cruise visiting Singapore, contact one of our Sales Specialists.


Schoenbrunn Palace Gardens, Vienna, Austria


While cruising the upper or lower Danube, Vienna will definitely be a place for you to explore off the ship. A visit to the rich Schoenbrunn Palace and Gardens are highly recommended! Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will be in awe at the Great Parterre, the numerous fountains, the intricate statues and a resurrected vineyard. Special features include the Privy Garden, the Orangery Garden, the Maze and even a Zoo. If you are an avid gardener and have yet to explore the Schoenbrunn Palace Gardens for inspiration, definitely put it on your “must visit list”. To learn more visit our Destination Danube River page...


Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia


Arriving in Sydney, why not explore the oldest scientific building in the country? Paring science, nature and culture together in a unified educational partnership, the Royal Botanic Gardens (and their two other botanic gardens sites) work with the local Aboriginal peoples to create themed gardens and displays, educational programs, guided tours and publications to showcase the significance of the natural environments to the Aboriginal cultures through the generations. The award-winning Cadi Jam Ors or First Encounters is one of their forward thinking gardens featuring a 52 metre sculpture timeline of Indigenous history in Sydney, surrounded by native vegetation. Reflecting the different environmental perspectives between the original inhabitants and the early European settlers, thing thought provoking garden will leave you looking at people, plants and place in a whole new way. Visit our Destination Australia page to learn more...


Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Canada


The perfect complement to your Alaska cruise, a visit to the Butchart Gardens allows you to stay close to home, while exploring their stunning worldly inspired gardens, featuring: a Japanese Garden, an Italian Garden, a Mediterranean Garden, a Sunken Garden, a Rose Garden and Rose Carousel. Uniquely Canadian, these gardens are not just accessible through the main gate. They offer boat tours in the summer months through The Wharf and you can even moor your small boat for up to 24 hours while visiting the gardens. Explore more of our great country and learn about Destination Canada or see what you can expect on your next Alaska cruise on our Destination Alaska page...

Start planning your garden and your garden cruise. Cruising is an excellent way to Experience Our World and the perfect gateway to see some of the most exquisite gardens. Contact a Craig Travel Cruise Specialist today to choose the right cruise line and itinerary for your garden immersion and have something blooming to look forward to. Graphics by Katrina Pidek. 


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