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East Africa Changes You

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Something changes in you after visiting Africa. This has been said to us on many occasions, most recently over dinner last Saturday night. Our host was asking about our recent trip to Kenya and Tanzania and asked the question. Our response was that it had first happened during our South African trip. And yes, we again felt it in East Africa. But none at the table were able to articulate what it was that changed us.

East Africa has a brief stop in an urban centre, Nairobi, but then the rest of the experience is rural. So, is it the people? The weather? The jaw dropping scenery? Those snapshots and sounds that will be forever etched in your mind?

The song of the Maasai lingers long after they have finished singing; the glow of the sun burnishing the grasses long after it has set; the roar of a lion that causes the hairs to stand on end, or the trumpet of an angry elephant; the charge of a Cape buffalo, or the savage bite of the Tse Tse fly? All of these blend to give each traveller a multi-sensory experience when in Africa. Each day presents opportunities for the senses - not only what one sees. If one puts down the camera and listens and feels and smells and looks, so much is to be taken in. And it is constant, with rarely a moment to relax.

At days end, clean up, a cooling and welcome sundowner, a delicious meal and then to bed….with a hot water bottle at your feet. 6:00am comes early. So if you are fit enough, and have a spirit for adventure (for each day is an adventure), blending one stunning scene to another, and you can be shaken over roads that defy description ….. then you may be ready to experience Africa - and come away changed. We cannot wait to return.

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