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East Africa - by Pam Cannon

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Well here we are at the end of our trip
It has gone by at quite a zip.
Nairobi was the city of our first day
Weary we were after that long way,
But up bright and early the very next morn
To the elephants whose mothers were killed for their horn.

What fun it was to kiss a giraffe -
That will give the folks at home quite a laugh.
Then to Sweetwaters to sample the tent camp
Only thing missing was a big bright lamp!

What a thrill to see our first animals in the wild
The giraffes whose necks look as if tiled.
Could it get any better? - soon was the cry
The answer was “Yes” without seeming to try!

The sight of dogs chasing a zebra had us all agog,
Then they turned and chased a warthog.
The Maasai Mara provided sights of all of the Big Five,
Where else could you experience this all live?

Then there was the breakfast feast
Alongside the hippos - an enormous beast.
The visit to the school  made some of us weep,
Those smiles and those faces in memories we’ll keep.

The Serengeti brought us more wondrous sights
All our senses were stretched to the heights.
The lioness, using our cruisers to hide,
Gave her cover while her time she did bide.

We saw several thousand wildebeest
As on the new grass they did feast.
The crater provided a treat for the eyes,
From our rooms we could see the sun rise.

We have learned about spices in Zanzibar,
And wept for the slaves from time afar.
What an incredible journey this has been,
Our heads are filled with the sights we’ve seen.

At our group let’s take a look.
Nick and I could write a book.
We have people from Ontario to BC,
A sampling from the whole country.

Some we have travelled with before,
We hope to see all of you some  more.
What a good group you have been
To try new things you have been so keen.

You have been quick to co-operate,
And never once have you been late.
We have enjoyed being with all of you
And now, dear friends, it is Adieu.