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Dreaming About Cruising Again Part 5

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More of Craig Travel's Staff and Group Escort's Favourite Memories


While cruising may still be something far off in the future for many, all of us at Craig Travel have been dreaming about our next voyage and thinking back fondly to the wonderful journeys we've taken in the past. We asked some more of our staff and group escorts what some of their best cruising memories are, along with their favourite cruise lines they can’t wait to travel with again. This month, group escort Jenny Cameron, along with Marketing Manager Melanie McIlroy, recount some of their best cruising experiences, and what they are looking forward to the most once cruising returns!

Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Jenny Cameron - Group Escort

  1. What is your favourite part of cruising and why?

    My husband Bob and I have enjoyed several cruising vacations in the past. For me the aspect of cruising that I enjoy the most is having the cruise ship as your “home base” for the duration of my trip. Everything you need is all in one place within the cruise ship. Be it wonderful meals, entertainment, on board activities and only having to unpack my suitcase once at the beginning of the journey. All excursions are organized and it is exciting to board the bus at the beginning of the day for exciting excursions and then return at the end of the day to relax dine and be entertained.

  2. Which cruise line is your favourite and why?

    So far every cruise except one that I have been on has been with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. This worked well for the places and time we wanted to travel. I look forward in the future to the possibility of trying other cruise lines as well.

Alaska Train

  1. What is your favourite memory on a cruise ship?

    It's hard to choose just one favourite memory because there have been many great ones. However, I would have to say that our trip to the Norway Fjords ranks as one of my all time favourites. We met our daughter in Copenhagen, which was our departure point. She was travelling with us on the cruise. After a few days of cruising up the beautiful Norwegian coast, our daughter’s partner joined us on the ship in Alesund, our first stop. While cruising out of that magnificent Fjord, as we were enjoying our scrumptious dinner, they announced their engagement. The servers treated us to a special dessert that night and they all joined into the celebration. The combination of an amazing journey where we witnessed some unbelievably beautiful scenery, unique culture and a wonderful family celebration will not be forgotten. Most evenings we cruised out of another Fjord into the sunset – Stunning!

  2. What is your favourite cruising destination?

    There are so many places yet to visit while cruising. Each place we have seen and hopefully one day will see, have experiences within them that are favourites so I can’t just choose just one.

Marketing Manager, Melanie McIlroy, on a cruise ship

Melanie McIlroy - Marketing Manager and Group Escort

  1. What is your favourite part of cruising and why?

    The thing I like most about cruising is that every day can be at your own pace. You can choose to have a busy day on shore with one or two excursions today and relax with a day at the spa tomorrow. A cruise makes for the perfect holiday, pairing the right mix of exploration and relaxation for everyone.

  2. Which cruise line is your favourite and why?

    Holland America Line is my favourite cruise line. Their service is second to none! As someone that has dietary restrictions, Holland America Line made the usually frustrating experience of eating at a restaurant not only, easy, but a joyous experience! Their head chef came to our table to discuss my therapeutic diet requirements and arranged for a copy of the next day’s menu to be brought out every day so I could select my preferences. Their dedicated chef that prepares the special menus would then modify and create the meals so I had as incredible a dining experience as every other guest. I cannot wait for my next cruise with Holland America!

Melanie and husband on Alaska cruise

  1. What is your favourite memory on a cruise ship?

    Sailing out of the harbour in New York, was definitely an incredible memory. It was recommended that we were up on deck to see the view as we departed and it was absolutely where you want to be. The cityscape was stunning in the afternoon sun! 

  2. What is your favourite cruising destination?

    My faviourite cruising destination I’ve experienced is Alaska! We took my step-mother and my mother-in-law on an incredible Inside Passage cruise to celebrate their 65th birthdays. The scenery was breathtaking from dawn until dusk.

    My favourite cruising destination I have yet to experience is French Polynesia. The South Pacific lends itself to the best cruising experience with so many unique and interesting islands to explore, each a little different from the last. That is at the top on my wish list!

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Thank you to all of our contributors, for sharing your favourite cruising memories. Do you remember a remarkable time that you had on one of your past Craig Travel cruises? Let us know, and you could be featured in one of our upcoming articles!