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Dreaming About Cruising Again Part 4

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More of Craig Travel's Staff and Group Escort's Favourite Memories


While cruising may still be something far off in the future for many, all of us at Craig Travel have been dreaming about our next voyage and thinking back fondly to the wonderful journeys we've taken in the past. We asked some more of our staff and group escorts what some of their best cruising memories are, along with their favourite cruise lines they can’t wait to travel with again. This month, group escort Bob Cameron, along with Operations Manager Gilda Kato, recount some of their best cruising experiences in Alaska, and what they are looking forward to the most once cruising returns!

Alaska Cruise Glaciers

Bob Cameron - Group Escort

  1. What is your favourite part of cruising and why?

    What Jenny, my wife and I love about cruising is that once you are on the ship, there is no daily packing and unpacking and they take you to places that are so exciting and beautiful. No rushing to catch a bus or train, just relax and enjoy the adventure. The meals are amazing and the ports of call are exciting, each in it’s own way.

  2. Which cruise line is your favourite and why?

    We mostly book on Royal Caribbean because, although they have ships of all sizes, we prefer the smaller ones with about 2000 passengers. The accommodation is luxurious, the food and entertainment is top notch and the variety of things to do seems endless. We feel comfortable on the ships and the personnel are there to serve and help you at every turn.

Alaska Train

  1. What is your favourite memory on a cruise ship?

    My favourite memory was during our Alaska cruise, which is similar to Craig Travel's Alaska's Inside Passage cruise. Although we visited five different ports, the memory that tops my list was the awesome sight of a 5 mile long glacier calving icebergs  in Glacier Bay, followed by a visit to the historic town of Skayway. Historically, most of the adventurers went through Skagway to reach the goldfields in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It was the gateway to the Klondike and was known for it’s lawlessness and characters seeking their fortunes in the rivers and streams near Dawson City, where the gold and fortunes were found. We took the White Pass Railroad up the mountain to the border in narrow gauge train built during that time and we could actually see the trail the Sourdoughs hiked up to get over the first obstacle on the way to the gold fields. You could feel the history amid the beautiful scenery as it rolled by.

  2. What is your favourite cruising destination?

    My favourite cruising destination is…. Well, it’s always the next one. We've enjoyed them all, each being different than the last and amazing in it’s own way. We hope that once COVID-19 is under control we can enjoy a cruise along the canals of Holland Belgium during the Tulip Season. The pictures we’ve seen only make us want to experience it first hand all the more.

Gilda and Son in Alaska

Gilda Kato - Operations Manager and Group Escort

  1. What is your favourite part of cruising and why?

    The best part of cruising is that I only have to unpack and pack once for the whole trip! I also love the varieties of restaurants with different menus and amazing cuisines. I’m curious to see the innovative future-proof and germ-proof restaurant concepts adopted by various cruise lines. Perhaps the new normal will be made better than the old one, that’s wishful thinking!  

  2. Which cruise line is your favourite and why?

    Holland America is one of my favourite cruise lines as their ships are not too big or to small, just the right size for me. They also have the most amazing food. Even during these times of pause they have kept me inspired with enticing recipes, like this 10th Anniversary Recipe, celebrating Holland America Line’s Culinary Council – click here to see JuneBaby’s Macaroni and Cheese.

Gilda and family on Alaska cruise

  1. What is your favourite memory on a cruise ship?

    My most remarkable cruise was to Alaska, Denali and the Yukon back in 2014, when I took my parents on this cruise to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday. Celebrating birthdays and milestones on a cruise is great, as cruise lines really do love any excuse to help you celebrate…and that they did!  My mom felt spoiled and there was something onboard to entertain everyone in the family. 

  2. What is your favourite Cruising destination?

    I would say that cruise to Alaska, Denali and the Yukon was my favorite cruising destination, as it was a truly extraordinary trip. We had to opportunity to travelled by air, train, coach and cruise ship throughout the journey, so there was plenty of variety. Our accommodations were good and the “meal plan” that we included was the best choice as the food was delicious. The scenery throughout our trip was nothing short of amazing. I would love to do it again!  The history, wildlife, and native culture in this part of the world is fascinating to me.

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Thank you to all of our contributors, for sharing your favourite cruising memories. Do you remember a remarkable time that you had on one of your past Craig Travel cruises? Let us know, and you could be featured in one of our upcoming articles!