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Dreaming About Cruising Again Part 3

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More of Craig Travel's Staff and Group Escort's Favourite Memories


While cruising may still be something far off in the future for many, all of us at Craig Travel have been dreaming about our next voyage and thinking back fondly to the wonderful journeys we've taken in the past. We asked some more of our staff and group escorts what some of their best cruising memories are, along with their favourite cruise lines they can’t wait to travel with again. This month, Joyce and Joilyn recount some of their best cruising experiences, and what they are looking forward to the most once cruising returns.

Joyce Poth in Cape Horn Hurtigruten

Joyce Poth - Group Escort

  1. What is your favourite part of cruising and why?

    My favourite part of cruising is being intellectually stimulated and pampered at the same time. I find that meeting new people and visiting new destinations each day is intellectually stimulating. Also, cruising certainly pampers a person by providing excellent accommodation, delicious food, interesting lectures, fantastic entertainment, all while unpacking only once.

  2. Which cruise line is your favourite and why?

    I have three favourite cruise lines for three different types of cruising. Oceania is my favourite cruise line for regular cruising due to the small, intimate nature of the ships while providing excellent service and amenities. Hurtegrutin is my go to cruise line for adventure cruising such as Norway or Antarctica. They are purpose built ships for sailing in iceberg filled waters and using dinghies to explore the coastlines. Finally, AmaWaterways for river cruising as they are so well organized with excellent itineraries and services provided. Have you always wanted to try river cruising with AmaWaterways for yourself? Join me on a Romantic Danube river cruise, which I’m leading in May 2021.

Joyce Poth in Australia HAL

  1. What is your favourite memory on a cruise ship?

    Most of my absolute favourite memories are of breath taking backdrops such as seeing the midnight sun in Norway, a sunset behind a towering iceberg as we cruise through two high icebergs in Antarctica, red hot lava flowing to the sea off the coast of Hawaii and the Sydney opera house in Australia.

  2. What is your favourite cruising destination?

    My favourite cruising destination is difficult to decide on as many destinations such as Malaysia, Galapagos, South Pacific, Antarctica immediately come to mind. 

Joilyn in Holland

Joilyn Doucette - Sales Specialist and Group Escort

  1. What is your favourite part of cruising and why?

    My favourite part of cruising is unpacking once and occupying the same room, yet seeing different destinations over the course of the time spent on board ship. Whilst I still enjoy tours, I have to say that the convenience of checking in and unpacking once is very appealing. No wake up calls (unless you have an early shore excursion) required.

  2. Which cruise line is your favourite and why?

    Holland America is the cruise line I enjoy the most. The ships are clean and comfortable, and the staff is friendly and efficient. I enjoy the shows, the food, and the ambience of Holland America. Having experienced a river cruise along the Waterways of Holland and Belgium, I hope that another small ship river cruise experience is in my future.

Monita enjoying a bit of luxury on her cruise

  1. What is your favourite memory on a cruise ship?

    I cannot pinpoint a favourite memory on board a ship. Every cruise has been memorable for the reasons mentioned above. The best part of my last cruise was experiencing cruising before the pandemic hit. I know things will look very different on my next cruise and I am happy to have had one last experience in the “old ways” before the changes start to take place. Revisiting islands I have been to before, but not for awhile. Everything old being new again.

  2. What is your favourite Cruising destination?

    I think my favourite destination is Grand Cayman. Shopping in George Town, taking Captain Marvin’s snorkel tour, enjoying the weather have all been very enjoyable. Of course, I cannot discount any NEW destination that might be on the horizon – THAT might be my favourite one.

Thank you to all of our contributors, for sharing your favourite cruising memories. Do you remember a remarkable time that you had on one of your past Craig Travel cruises? Let us know, and you could be featured in one of our upcoming articles!