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Dreaming About Cruising Again Part 2

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More of Craig Travel's Staff and Group Escort's Favourite Memories


While cruising may still be something far off in the future for many, all of us at Craig Travel have been dreaming about our next voyage and thinking back fondly to the wonderful journeys we've taken in the past. We asked some more of our staff and group escorts what some of their best cruising memories are, along with their favourite cruise lines they can’t wait to return to. What's one thing everyone seems to have in common? Not having to unpack, of course!

Cruise ships in port in Spain

Jennifer Kempa - Group Escort

  1. What is your favourite part of cruising and why?

    I enjoy only having to unpack once, yet being able to see new places throughout the cruise. It seems like magic to wake in a new city or country! In addition to cruising, I love touring as well, so I won’t say cruising is my favourite way to see the world as I love all forms of travelling. However, cruising is a wonderful and gentle way to discover or revisit some of the most sought-after destinations. One also experiences a very different view when approaching cities, with sailing out of and back into New York coming to mind. Also, if it wasn’t for cruising, we would never get to some remote places, like the Antarctic.

  2. Which cruise line is your favourite and why?

    While I haven’t experienced all of the cruise lines out there (is that even possible?), I would have to say that Star Clippers is my cruise line of choice. Star Clippers may have limited itineraries, but their biggest ship offers accommodation for only 275, and I like the feeling of being on a smaller ship. One special memory I have is being out at sea - we sailed silently with the wind in our sails on a clear night when the stars were out and it was explained to our group of six how the mariners once used the starts to navigate. In the future, I‘m looking forward to trying Iceland ProCruises, as they also offer a small number of passengers on the Round Iceland itinerary, which will enable us to access smaller ports of call.

Cruising along the sunny Croatian coast

  1. What is your favourite memory on a cruise ship?

    So many come to mind, including chatting with the chef, learning to take and edit great photos, meeting some very interesting folks from different backgrounds, and experiencing some well organized shore excursions.

  2. What is your favourite cruising destination?

    I have three different locations that are my favourites, including Spain and Croatia for the wonderful shore excursions, and Cuba because of the incredible evening entertainment.  

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens (Amsterdam, Holland)

Monita Lee - Operations Specialist and Group Escort

  1. What is your favourite part of cruising and why?

    I love all of the unique shore excursions, as that’s the best way to experience the local culture. I also enjoy how relaxing it is to take a cruise, and there is no need to pack and unpack like during a tour.

  2. Which cruise line is your favourite and why?

    Crystal and AmaWaterways, so far. Both cruise lines offered the kind of service that I anticipated. When I wanted a luxury experience, Crystal lived up to my expectations. However, since it’s on the higher end of my price range, I’ve only been able to take a cruise with them 1-2 times in my life. AmaWaterways is more causal, and the price is reasonable with almost everything included. Since their ships are much smaller, they can provide better service to the passengers while on board.

Monita enjoying a bit of luxury on her cruise

  1. What is your favourite memory on a cruise ship?

    My favourite memory is during a cruise to Alaska in 2003 on Royal Carribean, where I had a lot of fun with my friends who went on the cruise with me. I also enjoyed meeting new people during our dinners each night, plus the servers who served our table were phenomenal and I still remember their excellent service.

  2. What is your favourite Cruising destination?

    Absolutely anywhere in Europe!

Thank you to all of our contributors, for sharing your favourite cruising memories. Do you remember a remarkable time that you had on one of your past Craig Travel cruises? Let us know, and you could be featured in one of our upcoming articles!