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Donna Rombough's Book "The More I See"

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We're pleased to introduce "The More I See" a brand new travel memoir written by Donna Rombough, one of our popular tour leaders and a former Craig Travel Sales Development and Marketing Manager.

This fascinating memoir recalls years of exploring the world during a long and exciting career in the travel industry. Donna describes her experiences in colourful detail, from the mysteries of Machu Picchu, to a kill on safari in Kenya, chaos in the streets of Rajasthan, the stunning beaches of the Maldives, a hijacking, being stuck in a pandemic and countless other adventures. Much of her travel has been as a group leader for Craig Travel, escorting groups on journeys by land and sea.

In writing her memoir, Donna found herself digging deep, through the memories and journeys of a lifetime, through thousands of flights, many of the world’s best travel experiences and meeting fascinating people whose lives are very different from her own. She introduces readers to the idea that through travel we are changed, not simply by seeing a new destination, but by discovering the diversity, culture and customs of each country’s soul. She shares what travel has taught her about life, tolerance, empathy, understanding and the realization that people of all cultures strive for common goals. Her stories confirm her love, passion and never-ending enthusiasm for all our planet has to offer and she gets no greater joy than sharing it with those who travel with her. She never leaves home without her sense of humour and follows the important rule of being humble, engaged, resilient and open to whatever each journey offers. Visit Donna's website at Donna’s book is available here on Amazon

Congratulations Donna!

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