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Discover The Secrets of The Enchanted Valley!

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The magnificent Douro River stretches across Portugal for over 200kms. That is 200kms worth of secrets to unveil and sights to revel in! Welcome onboard AmaWaterways’ ms AmaVida for an inspirational voyage along one of Mother Nature’s gems. 

There is no better way to start this adventure than by wandering the streets of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Delve into the Iberian way of life as you appreciate the slow pace of southern Europe. Enjoy open-air restaurants; watch life go by from a patio and enjoy spring’s mild temperatures or sample some of the country’s most delicious tarts “Pastéis de Nata”! 
History has a lot to do with the current shape of a country… Enter the 16th century Jerónimos Monastery, landmark of Lisbon and UNESCO World Heritage Site and learn about the city’s defense system as you contemplate the impressive Belém Tower for a better understanding of today’s Portugal.
A portion of the Douro River also lies in Spain, making it impossible for you not to explore the beauty of Madrid, Toledo and Salamanca on your Iberian adventure. Madrid is a vibrant city with a very fascinating architecture style which everyone can appreciate. As for Toledo, it is a true jewel of Central Spain with a very rich heritage. During the Muslim occupation it was a major Muslim city where the Muslims, Jews and Christians lived side by side in harmony. 
In addition to all the modern and ancient city discoveries, there will be delightful times for port wine tasting. You cannot cruise the Douro River and take in the views of the impressively built terraced vineyards without tasting their fruit!
Cruising the Douro River is also about learning unusual and fun facts! Did you know that 70% of Portugal’s export trade is composed of cork? As a matter of fact, because of their ideal climate, Portugal grows over 7,200 sq. km. of cork oak trees! 
There is so much more that you need to discover about Portugal, Spain, the Douro River, port wine and flamenco
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