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Destination Rhine River

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Delve into the splendour of Europe with a cruise along the Rhine River, which is often noted for its immense beauty and inspiring landscape. The Rhine is the second longest river in Central and Western Europe, after the Danube, at about 1,230 km in length. Over 500 medieval castles, churches, ruins and fortresses line this narrow river bank. Paired with the region's lush vineyards, timber framed houses, cobblestone streets, and friendly people, exploring the towns and villages along the Rhine feels like stepping back in time and into a fairy tale. Planning a journey to the Rhine River and looking for more inspiration? We've compiled all sorts of useful links to explore our upcoming trips, sources of inspirational information and helpful resources from our blogging archives to get you started. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us here and we can help!

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German Town

Enchanting Rhine featuring Oberammergau | June, 2022

Explore the magnificence of Europe along its majestic river network historically used for commerce and trade. Delve into centuries of history along the mighty Rhine as we cruise by fabled castles, Gothic cathedrals, centuries old marketplaces and explore quaint medieval towns... READ MORE

Rhine River Valley

Enchanting Rhine featuring Oberammergau | September, 2022

Embarking our ship in Amsterdam, we discover historic towns and landmarks in Germany, France and Switzerland. We cross the Alps to Innsbruck and enter the small Bavarian town of Oberammergau. For almost 400 years, the people of this alpine town have fulfilled a vow to honour God through the Passion Play, a larger than life portrayal of the life of Jesus... READ MORE

Rhine River

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German Rhine

The History of the Rhine River

"Jostling through crowds of Germans and tourists in the Rhine River village of Bacharach, I climb to the sun deck of the ferry and grab a chair. With the last passenger barely aboard, the gangplank is dragged in and the river pulls us away. I'm captivated by the Rhine. There's a rhythm to the mighty river that merges with its environment…" READ MORE

German Rhine Swans

7 Reasons to Cruise the Rhine

"The Rhine is the river of 19th century neo-gothic paintings and bildungsroman – moody, romantic and a little bit violent, chock full of castles, vineyards and the iconic Loreley Rock, it is also home to the Rhine Maidens – Germany’s answer to the Sirens – just waiting to tempt lusty sailors ashore..." READ MORE

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Discover Germany's Unique White Rhine Wines

“With long, difficult to pronounce names, white Rhine wine from Germany may seem a bit intimidating. The truth is that the white wines from the Rhine Valley regions of Germany are typically delicious, well-balanced wines which have a devoted following around the world..." READ MORE

Loch Ness

The Best Rhine River Castles

“The Upper Middle Rhine Valley is the most famous spot for seeing some of the best Rhine River Castles with 40 strongholds, toll houses, and fairytale-like castles located amongst the grapevine valley that overlooks this 65km stretch of river. A river cruise is the most popular way of seeing many of these picturesque castles...” READ MORE

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What to Pack for your Rhine River Cruise

“Rhine River cruises allow you cover a lot of ground and see some of Europe's most well-known cities. The Rhine River winds from Switzerland through France, Germany and the Netherlands then out to the Atlantic. You'll need to pack smart to blend in with the locals, dress up for nights out at the ballet or stay warm and dry if you encounter rain…” READ MORE


Rhine or Danube River? That is the Question!

"Europe beholds so many varied and impressive sights, so many cultural riches and such an ancient and fascinating heritage that narrowing your options for your next river cruise vacation may leave you at an impasse. European populations having developed their towns and societies along rivers and water streams have created a paradise..." READ MORE


Experience the Passion - Oberammergau 2022

"Every decade for the past 400 years, this small Bavarian town has transformed itself into a massive Passion Play, depicting the life of Jesus Christ. Over 2,400 residents of Oberammergau bring the story to life as actors, singers, instrumentalists and stage technicians. The play itself is performed on an open stage against a backdrop of mountains and sky..." READ MORE

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