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Did you know that at the urging of Canada, the United Nations declared June 8th as World Ocean Day?  Yes, it's true!  Not only is it a reason for humanity to celebrate the world's oceans that cover over 70% of the planet, this occasion is also a reminder to stay educated about the importance of protecting our oceans and habitat.  After all, from its depths to its shores, the ocean has always captured our hearts and minds with its beauty and mystery. We are inspired to protect it as a world treasure. Although having an impact on saving our oceans can feel like an overwhelming task, if we all pitch in we can really make a difference. Each of us can start with making small changes to help eliminate tons of plastic ending up in our oceans. Whenever possible, choose recyclable material over plastic, skip the straw, and use a reusable water bottle instead of a plastic bottle. Let's all pitch in so we can continue to enjoy cruising our vast oceans and experience all the new destinations we've dreamed of and discover new treasures along the way.  Even cruise lines have started contributing to an environmentally conscious vacation experience, as they lead, invest, and collaborate to minimize their ships' impact on the environment.  Watch this video to learn more about it. In a press release here, Cruise Lines International Association released the Environmental Technologies and Practices Report which gives hope to cruise industry leadership and progress in maritime environmental protection practices. 

Although we have five named oceans, they all flow together as one global ocean that connects us all. In honour of the recent celebration of World Ocean Day, we've compiled a sample of helpful resources and exciting ocean cruises to keep your passion for the ocean!  Click away and learn some interesting facts, discover an inspiring list of future cruises for you to enjoy, but do check back again as we will update and refresh this page with new inspirational material.  If a cruise in one of our world's beautiful oceans is in your future, be sure to click below on our upcoming voyages to learn more or view all of our ocean voyage offers hereContact us here if you can't find what you're looking for, we're here to help!

The Pacific Ocean

The largest ocean on earth is filled with mystery, is home to some of the most unique life forms on earth and contains some of the deepest reaches known to mankind. Scientists are just beginning to learn about life in the deepest parts of the ocean, home to a diverse group of sea creatures with mysterious lives. With cruise lines beginning to open up to cruising, we're spoilt for choice in the world's biggest ocean. Get ready to experience some of the world's richest and most varied marine life in the world.

Alaska's Inside Passage August 2022

"Join us as we retrace the route of the early navigators, following the magnificent Inside Passage, truly one of the most scenic cruises in the world. Imagine a world of rugged mountains rising steeply from the tranquil waters and the stark beauty of glaciers crashing into the sea...." READ MORE

Inspired By All Things Alaska

"Adventure, wildlife, Native culture, prospector history, rugged expanses of untamed nature - the Great White North is calling!..." READ MORE

The Atlantic Ocean

From the Caribbean to the Antarctic to the Arctic, the Atlantic Ocean has a long reputation for being waters of discovery.  History reveals that as far back as the eighth century, the Norse became the first Europeans to sail across the Atlantic to set foot in North America.   The Viking explorer who beat Coumbus to America was Lief Eriksson, who sliced through the cobalt waters of the Atlantic Ocean as winds billowed the boat's enormous single sail.  The journey was long and dangerous for early explorers, unlike today when we can travel in luxury and enjoy incredible views with an iconic transatlantic cruise, or in waters closer to North America.  

Photo Credit: Selly Wozniak, Visit Anchorage

Caribbean Odyssey February 2022

"Escape the cold winds of winter with a warm water cruise to many of the southern and western Caribbean's most fascinating islands on the beautiful ms Nieuw Statendam..." READ MORE

Newfoundland Circumnavigation July 2022

"Our gracious vessel, the Ocean Endeavor, will take us around the island stopping in interesting and exciting ports, and even making a quick stop in France along the way..."  READ MORE


The Indian Ocean

Venture into the vast expanses of the Indian Ocean, where a fascinating mix of cultures comes together, abundant and rare wildlife experiences are to be had, and exotic flavours will be enjoyed!  Picture perfect scenery will be the backdrop with a visit to the Indian Ocean, where you'll be awed by crystal clear waters and vibrant marine life.

Roundabout Downunder

Join David and Roslyn Craig on this special cruise around the "Lands Downunder" with ports often overlooked on Australia's Indian Ocean side as well, including Exmouth where Ningaloo coast stuns with its 260 kilometres of superb fringing reefs...  READ MORE

The Antarctic Ocean

The Southern Ocean, also known as the Antarctic Ocean, comprises the southernmost waters of the World Ocean, and is the 'newest' named ocean.  A cruise in these waters exposes you to dramatic scenery and wildlife like nowhere else in the world! 

Antarctic Cruise | January 2022

“Explore a land virtually untouched by society. Experience the dramatic scenery and wildlife of the Antarctic on this voyage with Adventure Canada. Follow in the wake of Captain Cook as we attempt to cross the fabled Antarctic Circle...”  READ MORE

President's Pick | Antarctic Cruise by Robert Craig

“Few places on earth come close to the grand expanse and powerful beauty of the Antarctic. This majestic slice of unparalleled, untouched beauty where nature rules, is far beyond most expectations.  Those who are fortunate enough to experience it...”  READ MORE

The Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean is earth's northernmost body of water and remains mostly covered by ice throughout the year.  It centres mostly around the North Pole and is receiving a lot of necessary attention due to protection against global warming.  There are movements that may help give a chance to limit the damage, including Ocean Conservancy who insist that "protecting the Arctic should be an immediate priority for all nations of the world!" 

Norway April 2022

"Experience authentic Norway with Hurtigruten, including cruising through areas of the Arctic Ocean and epic views of Norwegian nature, fjords, stuning coastal views..."  READ MORE

Inspired By All Things Norway

"Without a doubt, Norway offers some of the world’s most spectacular scenery!  Wild, rugged snow-capped mountains, mighty glittering fjord landscapes, and awe-inspiring northern lights are just begging to be explored..."  READ MORE

BBC shared some interesting ocean knowledge about the size of each ocean and what makes each unique, learn more about it here

Want a little more inspiration?  Watch this video with ocean quotes to get you dreaming about a future ocean cruise.  Click here to watch.

Written and researched by Yvonne Lyn / Edited by Donna Rombough.