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Destination Norway

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Without a doubt, Norway offers some of the world’s most spectacular scenery!  Wild, rugged snow-capped mountains, mighty glittering fjord landscapes, and awe-inspiring northern lights are just begging to be explored.  An adventure to Norway promises to be an eye-opening experience, influenced by the mesmerising views and the warm, friendly people inviting us to share in their culture and traditions. 

We are here to share ideas and inspiration.  Amazing adventures await!

Planning a journey to Norway and looking for more inspiration? We've compiled all sorts of useful links to explore for our upcoming journey, sources of inspirational information and helpful resources from our blogging archives to get you started. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us here and we can help!

Iceland Open Road

Upcoming Adventure To The Land Of The Midnight Sun


Iceland Ice and Fire

Norway Coastal Cruise | April 29, 2022

"Like a crumpled ribbon, Norway stretches along the northern coast of Europe, offering some of the world's most spectacular scenery.  Sheer cliffs rise steeply from the tranquil waters; freshly melted snows..." READ MORE

Icelandic Horses and Mountains

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Black Sand Beach Iceland

Troll, Legend and Myths

"Trolls were often described as strong, evil, and dangerous giants.  They were ugly, with giant noses and eyes "the size of plates" and often had several heads or just one eye.  Gods and humans were their enemies, and they were..." READ MORE

Black Sand Beach Iceland

Experience the Sami Culture

"Many think that Sami traditions only consist of colourful costumes, traditional handicraft products, and catching reindeer with lassos.  But the Sami heritage is also visible and alive in everythig from..." READ MORE

Black Sand Beach Iceland

Stave Churches in Norway

"Among the world's oldest wooden constructions still intact are stave churches, most of which are located in Norway.  Elaborately carved wooden churches were once present in many parts of Northwest Europe.  This viking handicraft started in boat construction and was further developed..." READ MORE

Iceland Open Road

Reindeer, Fjords, Waterfalls And More


Iceland Mountains

Facts And Fiction About The Northern Lights

"Many are fascinated by the aurora borealis, but few know the science and myths related to the natural light show in the sky.  When you get the aurora borealis explained by advanced physicists…” READ MORE

Iceland Mountains

Fjords | A Picture Perfect Glimps Of The Past

"The UNESCO-protected fjords are symbols of the beauty of traditional Norway.  Places where time moves in its own pace.  There are more than a thousand fjords in Norway, all along the coast…” READ MORE

Iceland Mountains

This Video of Reindeer Herding Will Take Your Breath Away

"Enjoy three minutes of impressive aerial footage, where hundreds of reindeer migrate in a dramatic and frozen landscape.  Reindeer herding goes back over 1000 years and is intimately linked with the history…” WATCH VIDEO

Iceland Water and Ice

From Our Archives


Iceland Mountains

Land of the Midnight Sun by Peeter and Carol Vanker

“One might suppose that it's always very cold in Norway because of its northerly lattitude.  But not so, especially not along the Atlantic coast where the Gulf Stream from the Caribbean…” READ MORE

Iceland Mountains

Norway by Malcolm Sinclair

“On our first trip to Norway some years ago, we had a brief taste of Oslo, with its' battle-worn castle and friendly Royal Family and a few days at a big festival in a small out-of-the-way village.  Pretty special in welcome…” READ MORE

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