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Destination Morocco

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Morocco is so full of colour, flavour, history, and many stunning contrasts!  A destination where we can delve into the winding lanes of Marrakech and Fez, ride a camel across the dunes of the Sahara, or capture vibrant images of markets in ancient cities. To help you prepare for a future journey, we've compiled some inspirational resources to help you keep your Morocco wanderlust alive!  Click away and learn about Morocco, but do check back again as we will update and refresh this page with new inspirational material. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us here and we can help!

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Upcoming Adventures to Morocco

Aegean Gems

Morocco - October 2022

"We shall venture out to the very edge of the Sahara, with an overnight in a deluxe tented camp and ride 4x4s over the sand dunes.  We shall follow the caravan routes of the Berbers and marvel at the physical beauty around..." READ MORE

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UNESCO: Rabat, Modern Capital and Historic City

"Rabat bears witness to a capital city conceived at the time of the Protectorate, at the beginning of the 20th century.  The project successfully adapts modernist town planning and architectural values within the context..." READ MORE

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Dynastic History of Morocco

“Morocco is one of the go-to destinations for discovery lovers, those most fascinated by nature, history, the art of living and Moroccan hospitality. The experience gained during a journey in Morocco leaves…” READ MORE

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Google Arts and Culture - Uncovering the Mystique of Morocco

“Discover eight treasures this North African country has given the world!  The tight-knit Berber community in Taliouine has a world-renowned ingredient: saffron.  Moroccan tanners have been making leather goods since…” READ MORE

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Morocco,  As Soon as Possible

"Morocco, the country with the most diverse adventures.  Admire the sunset that caresses the dunes of Merzouga, enjoy views of the Atlas peaks near Marrakech, see the green roofs of Fez, and the colourful spice…” WATCH VIDEO

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Casablanca,  As Soon as Possible

"Its name comes from the Portuguese "Casa Branca" then deformed into "Casa Blanda", the white house.  It is inspired by the eponymous film by Michael Curtis, three times Oscar winner in 1944...” WATCH VIDEO

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Mysterious Morocco by Pam Cannon

“If you are looking for a tour that is unique, fascinating and oh-so-interesting, choose Morocco!  It was a tour that was different from any other that we have been on.  We felt completely safe and enjoyed wonderful temperatures under sunny skies every day…” READ MORE

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Chairman's Pick by David Craig - Morocco

“Over the decades, Morocco has been one of our most enchanting destinations.  Located in North Africa, just a short ferry ride from Spain, it offers an atmosphere of mystery and romance created by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman…” READ MORE

Be sure to check this page often, as we're always looking for new and exciting resources to help inspire your future travels. Contact us today for to book our next journey to Morocco.