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Destination Greenland

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Greenland's dramatic landscape can be best enjoyed on a scenic coastal cruise, allowing you to explore remote destinations with breathtaking natural beauty.  We know how exciting a visit to Greenland can be and we're eager to both keep you inspired and help with planning.  We've compiled a sample of inspirational information and helpful resources to keep the wanderlust alive!  Click away and learn about Greenland, but do check back again as we will update and refresh this page with new inpirational material.  If you prefer to receive updates directly in your inbox, join our Greenland wish list by emialing us here. If a visit to Greenland is in your future, be sure to click below on our upcoming Chairman's Cruise to learn about the Greenland experince it includes.  Contact us here if you can't find what you're looking for, we're here to help!

Upcoming Adventure including the popular ports of Paamiut, Qaqortoq, and Nanortalik


Chairman's Cruise including Greenland | August 2021

Let the excitement unfold on our Chairman's Cruise with David and Roslyn Craig, as they cruise through the waters of Atlantic Canada during the crisp fall season.  Although already one of North America's most popular cruise destinations, this coastal voyage now promises to be even more scenic with the addition of Greenland, home to Earth's largest network of fjords and inlets.  Remarkable landscapes, exceptional wildlife, iceberg-choked fjords and colourful tundra are among the unique landscapes awaiting your arrival with the three exciting ports of Nanortalik, Paamiut, and Qaqortoq included on this voyage.  Greenland's natural beauty is a perfect complement to this voyage to Atlantic Canada and New England... READ MORE

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Photo Credit: Selly Wozniak, Visit Anchorage

Soapstone Art in Greenland

"Sopastone is a beautiful and malleable material and has been used for centuries for tools and artistic carvings.  In former times soapstone was primarily used in articles for every day use, such as fishing tackle, soapstone lamps and various domestic utensils such as mess tins and ..." READ MORE

Dog Sledding | Transportation for Millennia

"Dog sledding in Greenland has been a mode of transportation and hunting for approximately 5000 years but it has also become a leisure activity for Greenlanders and tourists.  Experiencing Greenland's majestic landscapes while dog sledding exposes you to a heavy dose of Inuit culture, telling a story of how Greenlanders adapt to..."  READ MORE

Inuit Culture in Greenland

“The Greenlandic roots are an exciting mix of various immigrating peoples and their ability to adapt to the Arctic challenges on the world's largest island.  In the Greenlandic language the name for Greenland is Kalaallit Nunaat.  "The Land of the People".  But one day over 2000 years ago Greenland was suddenly...”  READ MORE

The Quality of Nature in Greenland is World-Class


Icebergs in Greenland - Nature's Own Works of Art

“Icebergs are fundamental to Greenland.  Experience colossal icebergs grounded in the Ilulissat Icefjord or find them along Greenland's coastline like floating sculptures...”  READ MORE

Wildlife in Greenland | Birds

"There are excellent chances to see many kinds of birds in Greenland, especially if you have good binoculars at hand.  Over 230 species of birds have been observed, and of these, about 60 breeds in Greenland and 20 who are regular migrants ...READ MORE

Whale Watching in Greenland

"Set sail on a whale watching tour to spot humpback whales, fin whales, and minke whales frolic and feast in Greenland's waters during their own summer holidays.  Whether this would be your first or fifth whale watching tour, seeing such a magnificent creature right before your eyes can be overwhelming..." READ MORE

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