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Destination Greece

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Inspired by its endless Aegean coastline and the welcoming warmth of its people, Greece's vibrant blue skies and ancient sun-bleached ruins continues to be a huge draw for travellers. Greek culture is alive with passion, music, and inspired cuisine, enough to make you want to shout "Opa!" Planning a journey to Greece and looking for more inspiration? We've compiled all sorts of useful links to explore our upcoming trip, sources of inspirational information and helpful resources from our blogging archives to get you started. Click away and learn about Greece, but do check back again as we will update and refresh this page with new inspirational material.  If you want to read even further, check out these "Five Best Greece-Based Novels You Must Read..." If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us here and we can help!

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Upcoming Adventures

Aegean Gems

Gems of the Adriatic and Aegean Seas,October 6, 2022

Ah, the Mediterranean islands... this is where the rugged mountains encounter the vastness of the sea forming infinite beauty wherever you look!  Dive in the calm waters of the Meditterranean Sea, known to be as warm and almost as crystal clear as in the Caribbean. Explore colourful harbour towns hidden in magnificent bays. READ MORE 


Icelandic Horses and Mountains

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Black Sand Beach Iceland

Greek History

"Today's visitors to Greece have the opportunity to trace the 'fingerprints' of Greek history from the Paleolithic Era to the Roman Period in the hundreds of archaeological sites, as well as in the museums and collections that are scattered throughout the country.  The first traces of human.." READ MORE

Black Sand Beach Iceland

Greek Gastronomy, Flavours and Aromas!

"One of the most authentic cultural elements of a place is gastronomy.  The unique tastes of a destination's cuisine are linked to the qualities and characteristics of its society and reveal an important piece of information regarding..." READ MORE

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True Paradise for Cultural Tourism

“Traces of a centuries-old and important history is etched in every corner of Greek land: findings from the Prehistoric and Archaic Periods, unique works from Classical, Hellenistic, Medieval, and Byzantine monuments, creations from folk art cultures...”  READ MORE

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Aegean Coast and Famed Greek Isles

“The islands are the main characteristic of Greece's morphology and an integral part of the country's culture and tradition.  Greek sovereign land includes 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which only 227 are inhabited…” READ MORE

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Greek Mythology, Poseidon

“God of the sea and rivers, creator of storms and floods, and the bringer of earthquakes and distruction.  Poseidon was perhaps the most distruptive of all ancient Greek gods, not only for....” READ MORE

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Who Were The Mycenaeans?

Ancient History Encyclopedia engages people with cultural heritage to improve history education worldwide.  In their video called The Mycenaeans: A Civilization of Bronze Age Greece, they explain how "The Mycenaeans are considered the earliest Greeks, and were a prosperous civilization…” WATCH VIDEO

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Unexpected Greece, Always Epic

Greece Tourism Board inspires us with this simple but intriguing video called Unexpected Greece. "A Revitalizing Escape. Authentic Simplicity. So wonderful and Rare. Heartwarming…” WATCH VIDEO

Iceland Water and Ice

From Our Archives


Iceland Mountains

The Greek Isles by Lyn and Larry Mann

“Mention Greece to most people and an image of white houses built into mountain sides, impossibly blue skies and crystal clear, warm water lapping on sandy beaches comes to mind.  And they would be correct, because so much of Greece is made up of just that, scattered across…” READ MORE

Be sure to check this page often, as we're always looking for new and exciting resources to help inspire your future travels. Contact us today if you have any questions about a journey to Greece.