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Destination East Africa

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To experience the excitement of this region at least once in a lifetime is a must!  Extraordinary landscapes, people and wildlife in one of our world's most beautiful corners awaits your arrival in the future. 

We are here to share ideas and inspiration. Amazing adventures await!

Planning a journey to East Africa and looking for more inspiration? We've compiled all sorts of useful links to explore for our upcoming journey, sources of inspirational information and helpful resources from our blogging archives to get you started. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us here and we can help!

Our Upcoming Adventure to Kenya and Tanzania


East Africa | September 2022

"The lands of East Africa are often described as the world’s best destination for game viewing, being home to the world’s most extensive national parks and game reserves, including Sweetwaters, the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti. Here we will find the Great Migration, the last major migratory herds of wildebeest and zebra that..." READ MORE

In Search of And Protecting The Big Five


Photo Credit: Selly Wozniak, Visit Anchorage

Lion Protecton | Species Research

"Valuable reasearch and efforts are being made to protect the important population of lions.  Read about the Massai Wilderness Convervation Trust's Lion monitoring program..." READ MORE

Did you know?  The darker a lion's mane, the older he is.

Elephant Haven | Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

"Ophan's Project - Rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned infant elephants is at the core of what we do..."  READ MORE

Did you know? Many plant species have evolved seeds that are dependant on passing through an elephant's digestive tract before they can germinate. 

Leopard Conservation | Tanzania Program

“Leopards have disappeared from nearly 40% of their historical range in Africa.  Tanzania is one of their last strongholds...”  READ MORE

Did you know?  Leopards are excellent tree climbers.  They safeguard their kill in a tree from other lions and hyenas.  

Buffalo Conservation | African Wildlife Foundation

“Discover solutions being used to minimize the threat of the buffalo habitat...”  READ MORE

Did you know?  Buffalo's primary predator is the lion but they will resuce another member who has been caught, and have even killed lions after it has killed a member of the group.  

Rhinoceros Protection | Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

“As poaching threatens the rhinos across Africa, find out how the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is helping...”  READ MORE

Did you know?  Rhinos have poor vision so will sometimes attack trees and rocks by accident.  Their hearing and sense of smell are excellent, often making up for their poor eyesight.   

Arts, Craft, Language and More


Learn Swahili with Magical Kenya

“Jambo is one of the most common words you will hear spoken throughout Kenya.  This is the simplest Swahili greeting, and is often the first word learned by visitors to Kenya...”  READ MORE

Marketplace Crafts, Hot Glass, and Beads

"You can take home more than just memories of your trip to Kenya.  Many shops offer a wide array of craft souvenirs from traditional artifacts, jewellery, all purpose fabric wraps, and beautiful stone and wood carvings all inspired by the diverse range of cultures...READ MORE

From Our Archives


Discovering Nature's Earthly Wonders by Donna Rombough

“Throughout our journey, in both Kenya and Tanzania, the landscapes changed and were an ongoing surprise...from the agricultural lands of central Kenya...”  READ MORE

A Poem Inspired by East Africa by Pam Cannon

“Well here we are at the end of our trip, It has gone by at quite a zip.  Nairobi was the city our first day, Weary we were after that long way ...”  READ MORE

Photography, Wildlife and a Way of Life by Bob Raaflaub

“East Africa is not just a trip for photogrphy, but also one meant to see the interaction of wildlife and a way of life for the people ...”  READ MORE

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