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Destination Danube River

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The Danube River is the second largest river system in Europe and has been inspiring artists, poets and musicians for centuries. Considered by many to be the beating heart of Europe, central countries such as Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic are all interconnected by the arteries of the great Danube River. The cities, towns and villages that line the Danube River banks are architecturally beautiful and vividly alive with history and culture.   

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Melodies of the Danube | Featuring the Passion Play in Oberammergau | May 2022

Embarking our luxurious floating home in Budapest, Hungary, we discover historic towns and landmarks in Slovakia, Austria and Germany. READ MORE


Melodies of the Danube | Featuring the Passion Play in Oberammergau | August 2022

Explore the magnificence of Europe along its majestic river network historically used for commerce and trade. Delve into centuries of history along the magnificent Danube as we cruise by fabled castles, Gothic cathedrals, centuries old marketplaces and explore quaint medieval towns. READ MORE

Grand Lower Danube

Grand Lower Danube | October 2022

The theme of this special itinerary is the scenic heart of Eastern Europe, as we cruise along the shores of the Danube, which is considered one of the world’s greatest rivers. READ MORE

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Top Sights in Budapest, Hungary

“Budapest is truly a city of a thousand faces. The city is spread out over a large area and it's worth taking the time to experience its geographical diversity, from the Buda hills, the banks of the Danube and Margaret Island to the bustling downtown Pest area. The city is divided into Buda and Pest, which are are connected by bridges... ”  READ MORE


Traditional Czech Food in Prague

“Czech food is delicious, comforting, very filling and addictive, so make sure you reserve enough time to walk off those calories. Yes, there won’t be many salads - or vegetables for that matter - in the list that follows. But you did not travel to Prague to eat salad, right? From Steak Tartar, to Schnitzel…” READ MORE


Retracing Eastern European History on a Danube River Cruise

"During a week of sailing down the Danube from Budapest to eastern Austria, one day stands out. It’s close to the end of the voyage, and the ship is breezing through a particularly idyllic stretch. The craggy banks are studded with bursts of greenery and the occasional boxy church. The view, and the weather, have drawn most of the passengers to..." READ MORE


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Group Escort Report - Romantic Danube

“I cannot heap enough praise on AmaWaterways and the beautiful ms AmaLea. Combined with a delightful host of interesting ports-of-call and a wonderful group of travellers, we experienced a beautiful and unforgettable voyage on the legendary Danube River...” READ MORE

Off the Ship in... Vienna, Austria

"Everyone knows about the soft, buttery and flaky golden croissants that the French are so fond of, but did you know this delicacy actually has an Austrian background? Viennese to be more accurate! It's said Viennese bakers created this crescent-shaped pastry called Kipferl back in the…" READ MORE

Off the Ship in... Linz, Austria

"Follow the majestic Danube river and you’ll know everything about Linz. Only 50 kilometres south of the border with Czech Republic, Linz is a vibrant city and an incomparable culture hub. Exploring Linz means delving into the heart of enchanting Austrian traditions..." READ MORE

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