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Destination Costa Rica

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With over a quarter of Costa Rica's land being protected in the form of national parks and reserves, this country has earned its reputation as one of the world’s most eco-minded countries. Costa Rica is world renowned for its tropical rainforests, abundant wildlife, windswept beaches, magnificent mountains, cascading waterfalls and active volcanoes. Planning a journey to Costa Rica and looking for more inspiration?  We've compiled all sorts of useful links to explore our upcoming trips, sources of inspirational information and helpful resources from our blogging archives to get you started. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us here and we can help!

Upcoming Adventure

Costa Rica Nov 6, 2022

Enjoy the relaxing Tabocon Hot Springs, cruise through the Damas Island Mongroves, explore Arenal Volcano National Park, attend a rodeo with traditional equestrian games, and walk through the Monteverde Cloud Forest, which is a and true birder's paradise... READ MORE

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The Extreme Life of a Sloth by Science Insider

During a visit to Costa Rica, you may have the opportunity to get to know one of the world's most unique creatures.  This exciting video by Science Insider explains how "They actually carry an ecosystem on their backs, which scientists believe may even be capable of curing cancer…"   WATCH VIDEO

Photo Credit: Selly Wozniak, Visit Anchorage

Costa Rican Culture

"We are the country of pura vida – a friendly, multicultural and multilingual people descended from the cultural fusion of immigrants, including Africans, Chinese, Jews, Lebanese and Italians, and the indigenous peoples of the Bribrí, Cabécar, Maleku, Teribe, Boruca, Ngäbe, Huetar and Chorotega groups..." READ MORE

10 Traditional Foods You Have to Try in Costa Rica

“Traditional Costa Rican food is definitely a blend of comfort food and grandma’s home cooking with a flavor-bursting Latin flare. In Costa Rica, family-owned and operated small restaurants are called sodas and there are countless sodas offering traditional dishes throughout the country…...”  READ MORE

Ecotourism and Travelling with Responsibility

“Costa Rica is a lush country where nature is on display in all its splendor thanks to extraordinary biodiversity. Ecotourism not only aims to provide beautiful natural experiences for tourists, but also to educate visitors about the importance of protecting natural resources...” READ MORE

From Our Archives


President's Pick - Costa Rica by Robert Craig

“Two years ago, I lead a group of fun-loving travellers on an annual journey through a truly natural paradise…Costa Rica! Almost immediately we learned about the “pura vida” (pure life), a slogan that is often associated with this lush, pristine country..." READ MORE

Tour Leader Report: Costa Rica and Pura Vida

"Costa Rica is indeed an eco-tourist paradise, blessed with radically different eco-climates within a very short distance: rain forests, cloud forests, dry forests, Pacific beaches, volcanoes, and more. We enjoyed seeing the many colourful birds, monkeys, cruising a river full of crocodiles..." READ MORE

My Five Best Costa Rica Experiences

"Having visited Costa Rica on two occasions, I can say honestly it is one of my favourite destinations, and one I would return to again and again! There are many highlights that come to mind, but here are my five best Costa Rica experiences…" READ MORE

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