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Destination Antarctica

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To experience the dramatic scenery and wildlife of Antarctica at least once in a lifetime is a must!  A land virtually untouched by society, the hauntingly beautiful icy wilderness is on display as we sail amongst immense ice carvings and majestic mountains while visiting vast noisy penguin and seal colonies and scan the waters in search of orcas and leopard seals on the hunt.  We've compiled a sample of inspirational information and helpful resources to keep your Antarctic wanderlust alive!  Click away and learn about Antarctica, but do check back again as we will update and refresh this page with new inspirational material.  If a visit to Antarctica is in your future, be sure to click below on our upcoming journey to learn about the experiences our adventure includes.  Contact us here if you can't find what you're looking for, we're here to help!

Our Upcoming Antarctic Cruise Adventure


Antarctic Cruise | January 2022

"Explore a land virtually untouched by society. Experience the dramatic scenery and wildlife of the Antarctic on this voyage with Adventure Canada. Follow in the wake of Captain Cook as we attempt to cross the fabled Antarctic Circle. Setting sail aboard the well-appointed Ocean Endeavour, we leave Ushuaia and civilisation behind and head towards..." READ MORE

Antarctic Animals


Photo Credit: Selly Wozniak, Visit Anchorage

IAATO Works to Preserve Antarctica

"International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators is a member organization founded in 1991 to promote safe and environmentally responsible travel to the Antarctic. Learn about the behaviour of seals and the general code of conduct for viewing seals on land and ice..." READ MORE

BBC Earth VIDEO: Best Antarctic Animal Moments

"It's about to get chilly as we recap the best Antarctic animal moments.  From freezing deserts to icy waters, these desolate lands are home to some of the most tenacious and impressive creatures on the planet..."  WATCH VIDEO

See Antarctic Like Never Before | National Geographic

“Here at the bottom of the world, a place all but free of human settlement, humanity is scrambling one of the ocean’s richest wildernesses. Fossil-fuel burning thousands of miles away is heating up the western peninsula faster than almost anywhere else...”  READ MORE  

Discover Past Expeditions


History of Antarctic Explorers

“Follow the timeline of discovering Antarctica and the "race" to the South Pole, from the first sighting through to Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton and more. The first sighting was in 1820, The Antarctic Treaty in 1961 and more..”  READ MORE

Quick Antarctica Facts

"Discover incredible facts about Antarctica, learn about past expeditions to the continent, and find out why it is the most inhospitable place on Earth. Where is Antarctica?  How cold is Antarctica? And more...READ MORE

From Our Archives


Group Escort Report by Jon and Sue Gurr

“Due to its remote location, difficulty of access and ice-dominated nature, Antarctica has always been a place that only a few people have had the opportunity to visit. Recently, however, modern comfortable ships equipped with small landing craft have made it easy ...”  READ MORE

President's Pick | Antarctic Cruise by Robert Craig

“Few places on earth come close to the grand expanse and powerful beauty of the Antarctic. This majestic slice of unparalleled, untouched beauty where nature rules, is far beyond most expectations.  Those who are fortunate enough to experience it...”  READ MORE

Don't Forget!  Be sure to check back on this page for new inspiration!  We're always looking for new and exciting resources to help inspire your future travels. Contact us today if you have any questions about our upcoming journey to Antarctica.