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Cruising Your Way to… Oberammergau

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You might not be able to pronounce it right, but by now, you must be pretty familiar with the name “Oberammergau”. This small Bavarian village of approximately 5,200 inhabitants has made its name famous by performing the Passion of Christ every ten years since 1633. This incredible story started as the Plague spread around the village in 1632. Facing a deadly distress, the community made a solemn vow that if our Lord would save them from the Black Plague, the villagers would enact the story of the Christ’s Passion every ten years. No more inhabitants of Oberammergau succumbed to the deadly illness after that, and there the story started. 
Historically, villages and towns in Europe developed around rivers and streams. Combining the exceptional 2020 Passion Play with an AmaWaterways river cruise seemed like the perfect combination. There is no better way of discovering and delving into the rich history of this great continent than by sailing along the Danube or the Rhine River. 

If on your European discovery you are looking to delve into an array of fascinating cultures, you are going to love the Melodies of the Danube voyage!
Starting in Budapest and making your way to Slovakia’s Bratislava and Austria’s Vienna, you will revel in uniquely astonishing architecture that has gone through multiple eras; unveil singular treasures at every street corner and indulge in culinary traditions and flavours particular to each city and country. You may even be able to learn a few iconic phrases in each language! 
Even if the big cities cannot be missed, visiting smaller towns and villages located in remote areas will help you get a real sense of what the Austrian lifestyle entails. Dürnstein, Linz, Passau and other nearby towns will treat you so well that you will want to explore more as soon as possible. 
If you are interested in discovering Germany and understanding its culture before experiencing the Passion Play, the Enchanting Rhine voyage is what you are looking for! Cruise down the majestic Rhine River as you are introduced to the incredible heritage of Germany. You will never see so many fairy-tale looking castles than on a Rhine exploration! The complications will come when you are asked which one is your favourite! Appreciate a quick visit into France’s western towns which will make you feel as if you never crossed the border between Germany and France. Beer, wine, pretzel, majestic clock towers, untouched charming half-timbered houses, centuries old cathedrals and breathtaking views over the Rhine Valley will undoubtedly charm you and make for a perfect introduction of Germany.

All roads lead to Oberammergau! Whether you are cruising eastward or westward, you will have the unique opportunity to end your European discovery in Oberammergau. All of the Passion Play actors look forward to sharing an incredible moment with you. Don’t miss the chance to be part of it!

As we are fast approaching the date of the first performance of this out of the ordinary event, the number of available cabins on our four river cruises is getting limited. We only have one cabin left on each departure! So if you would like to experience the Passion Play, you may want to contact us today. Otherwise, you will have to wait for another decade before having the chance to wander the streets of this charming German village. Contact our Cruise Specialists today!


Photo courtesy of Passion Play 2020 Oberammergau