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Cruising to The Future: "myAmaCruise". Your AmaExperience

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Remember when you had to wait to return home before you could tell your friends and family all about the incredible experiences you had on your trip? Even though it meant patience was a virtue that grew on us, that era is now long gone.

Being able to share our out-of-the-ordinary anecdotes with our loved ones on a regular basis all while travelling has become a real habit. The great outcome is you are sure not to forget any details of your adventure and it gives your relatives the warm feeling of discovering a new facet of the world with you. It can sometimes be tricky to do so though… In order to make this as easy as 1,2,3, AmaWaterways has just launched the application “myAmaCruise”. 
Some of the noteworthy features of the application include Live Itinerary Tracking. As you sail, you will be able to follow your ship’s journey and learn more about each of the ports of call you will be visiting. The Mobile Daily Cruiser section will resemble the usual onboard daily journal. Scroll through the online journal and find out about the onboard activities offered to you that day. You can also read more about your next shore excursion to make sure you are wearing the appropriate outfit!

From your first day of cruising to the last, all your photos will be saved under one album, along with automatic geotagging. Can’t remember where you took that picture of a Gothic cathedral? Quickly enough, the application will remind you it was in Cologne! 
Should you be nostalgic of the old times when you sent a postcard to each of your relatives, you will be thrilled to use the “Postcards” feature of the application. Scroll through your photos of the day, choose your favourite ones and send a customized e-postcard to your loved ones. The best part is you won’t have to worry about your postcard being lost in the middle of the Atlantic!  

In addition to the launch of this easy-to-use application, the cruise line has also enhanced its Wi-Fi network throughout its European fleet offering the fastest Wi-Fi on the continent’s rivers.   
Guests treating themselves to the comfort of a Suite on the elegant ms AmaMagna will also be able to access complimentary internet connection via mobile Wi-Fi devices. You will have no excuses not to share your adventures live with your children and grandchildren! 
Download the application on the App Store or Google Play and create your account today so that you are all ready for your next explorations of Europe’s mystical rivers.   

Plus, it seems like you are in luck… We still have cabins available on our voyages along the Enchanting Rhine and the mighty Danube. Whether you would like to follow the footsteps of music prodigies on our Melodies of the Danube journey or explore the grandeur of the Lower Danube, that remains your call! Contact our Cruise Specialists for more information and availability. 


Photo courtesy of AmaWaterways