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Cruising to the future: Bubbles Aren’t Only Found in Champagne!

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If you are considering Paris, France as your vacation destination next year, you might be one of the first travellers to hail a water taxi! Although the details that you will want to add when relaying this fascinating travel story is that the taxi is bubble shaped and environment-friendly! In fact, this funny looking water taxi called Bubble, which looks like a combination of a spaceship and a sedan, is 100% electric. Thanks to the advanced technology of its motor and chargers, the Bubble can attain a full charge in as little time as 35 minutes and has a 2h30 power duration. Specifically designed docks will be set up along the banks of the Seine River to facilitate passengers’ pick up and drop off, as well as allowing the water taxis a place to recharge their batteries. As part of the desire to making this concept 100% harmless to the environment, the docks will generate clean energy thanks to the power of Mother Nature itself. Wind turbines will catch the energy of the wind; the strength of water will be caught by underwater generators and solar tiles will help capture sunrays. The energy created through those three elements will be stored in batteries installed on the docks and later on transferred to the Bubbles when plugged in. 
Once onboard, passengers will have a unique experience as the Bubble starts flying when reaching a cruising speed of 12km/hr. Not to worry though, the experience is meant to be pleasant and the flying mode is activated to mitigate motion sickness and increase stability. Better yet, on top of emitting zero pollution and zero wave, the taxi is extremely silent for a quiet ride through the city.
The primary mission of SeaBubbles, the French company that developed this project, is to reduce the number of cars on the roads that are creating traffic jams, by optimising our natural resources and combining them with innovative technology.
The production of these out of the ordinary and revolutionary water taxis is underway and they should be in service in the French capital next year.
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