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Cruising to The Future: A Silent Arctic Exploration

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As a leader in exploration and sustainable cruising, Hurtigruten is introducing its newest green innovation. By partnering with the Norwegian start-up company, Brim Explorer, the cruise line is launching battery-powered catamarans. Set to debut in spring next year, the 78-foot vessels will take guests on silent explorations to the Arctic’s polar waters. With 146 passengers and 4 crew, this new kind of exploratio promises to be a unique and intimate experience with minimal impact on the environment. 
The goal of these silent explorations is to drastically reduce noise pollution that has proven to be harmful and often deadly to the Arctic’s wildlife. As a matter of fact, ship emitted vibrations have a terrible impact on whale and fish communication. Those disturbing signals misguide the mammals which recurrently and fatally collide with ships.  
With an autonomy of 10 hours, the hybrid-electric engine will emit no noise or vibrations, combatting those terrific accidents, all the while allowing guests to explore the wonders of the Arctic. In addition, the ships will feature some impressive underwater drones and microphones treating explorers to extraordinary sights and sounds of the ocean.

By offering these new expeditions, Hurtigruten and Brim Explorer are hoping to show a new greener direction towards which every cruise line should go. 
Itineraries are yet to be unveiled but stay tuned as we will provide you with more information when it becomes available!