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Cruising to the future: A Greener Today For a Brighter Tomorrow

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In the midst of the fast multiplying global warming discussions, there is no doubt that any actions taken can help shape a better future for the generations to come. The fact is, together we are stronger. Hurtigruten has been proving this over the past 4 years. In 2015 the cruise line known for being a major advocate for our planet’s preservation, spearheaded another initiative - The Hurtigruten Foundation. 
The objective of the Foundation is to ensure that the sights Today’s generations are able to explore will remain the same, providing guests of Tomorrow with a similar unique experience. 
Funds and awareness are raised through multiple onboard initiatives - the Green Stay program being one of them. Through this program, the Foundation receives donations based on each night a guest accepts their stateroom not to be cleaned - reducing power, detergent and water consumption. Other funds are raised through onboard donations, auctions and fund-raisers. 
Organizations undertaking humanitarian, educational or research projects as well as activities that aim to protect the environment or help communities are encouraged to apply for financial support. With the raised funds, the Foundation has mainly focused on the conservation of the world’s polar bear population, marine and plastic pollution reduction and on other local actions undertaken across the 30 countries that the cruise line’s ships visit. 
In 2018, the Foundation supported Polar Permaculture in Svalbard, Norway, whose objective is to produce farm fresh produce, nutritious vegetables and microgreens with a future aim of producing enough food for the entire population of Longyearbyen approaching 2,200 people and processing the population’s organic and biological waste. Other supported initiatives include Foreningen Grønlandske børn as Greenland is facing a national difficulty, seeing a third of its youngsters growing up in families needing social services intervention. On a different facet of the planet, the Philippines and neighbouring countries are encountering a major sea-plastic issue as their shorelines are garbage plagued, and Eco Pantao is helping fight it.
So far, the Hurtigruten Foundation has been working only with organizations, associations and larger partners, but should you wish, as an individual, to contribute to keeping our planet on a healthy path, you are more than welcome to participate in the Green Stay program or donate what you can onboard the ms Nordnorge all the while taking in the unparalleled beauty of Norway’s shoreline. 
Remember, there is no small amount of help that is unneeded. Every single intention and action matters and makes a difference. For more information on our Hurtigruten voyage to Norway, the Land of Midnight Sun, do not hesitate to contact our Cruise Specialists