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Chairman's Message - Thank You To Our Staff

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The travel industry has always been one of constant change and those of us in it must constantly adapt, be flexible and embrace the challenges, however difficult they may be. For fifty years, Craig Travel has been able to find a path that allowed us to manage and thrive through an ever changing world.

However, in the past two plus years, we have had to face a new reality, a pandemic that brought travel to a standstill. After decades of constant growth, travel came to a stop; our world changed in the blink of an eye. We were forced to rethink our world and the results were devastating for our staff. Our staff had to deal with layoffs or with shortened hours and reduced salaries. But throughout all this, they remained loyal to Craig Travel and supported us as we worked very hard to keep our heads above water.

They stuck with the company through it all and now, as we look forward to the renewal of our business and to reconnecting with our clients through personal contact, I want to thank them for their belief and trust in Craig Travel and for their unwavering support.

While everyone contributed to our progress, I need to acknowledge two people who deserve a very special mention:
Robert Craig, who took on the role of President just prior to the start of the pandemic, has been faced with the most difficult times in our company’s history. He has been the strength behind Craig Travel for the last three years; the guiding light to take us through these most difficult times.
Yvonne Lyn, who has managed the Marketing function throughout the pandemic, has done an amazing job in keeping us connected with the Craig Travel family. She has put in untold hours in keeping those connections alive and ever so meaningful.

From the bottom of my heart, I need to acknowledge and thank all our staff for their professionalism, for their dedication and for all that they do to ensure that our clients enjoy the experience of a lifetime each and every time they join us to Experience Our World. I am so proud to have every member of our staff as part of the Craig Travel family.

David Craig,