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Capturing Our World Through a Lens

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As a community of world travellers, many of us also share a passion for capturing the beauty of our world with photography. There’s something special to capture everywhere, whether it be images of hidden landscapes, the fascinating world of animals, or the abundant diversity of cultures and the incredible treasures they inspire. Whatever it may be, we will soon feel blessed again with opportunities to travel - truly one of life’s greatest privileges - and we will once again enjoy showcasing that passion through our photos. Together, let's hone in on the moments we truly want to hold close and use our cameras as a tool to help us clearly see the things that matter most.  

As each of us experiences life through our own unique lens influenced by culture, beliefs, values, and awareness, we develop our own special way in which we view the world.  As world explorers, we tend to deliberately choose travel experiences that will enrich our lives. As the quotes go, and couldn't be more true: "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer," and "Travel broadens the mind and enriches the soul." When combining discovery with photography, the possibilities of such expeditions serve to both inspire us and capture our creative imaginations. We collect the ambience of the places we visit as visual memories to enjoy for years to come. Practice now and be ready to set out soon to uncover new and unique subjects and compositions around the world! 

With the ongoing revolution in camera technology, including smartphones, professional photographers are not the only ones who can capture memorable moments while travelling. An expensive, complicated camera is no longer necessary, as camera phones have come a long way, with most of them taking photos with high quality resolution.  The real key to quality and meaningful photography is paying careful and close attention to your surroundings.  Take your time, enjoy, frame, and shoot!

Canon's Bring Your Curiosity:

Discover where, when, and how to shoot your next adventure with tips and inspiration from Canon.  Take a moment to watch these two short videos and see how Canon is encouraging more curiosity in people along with more joyous exploration.  

Peter's Life-Changing Trip to Ethiopia 
Curiosity can change how you see the world. Whether you follow it on your travels or at home, it’ll help you discover something you’ll never expect. See how curiosity took Peter on his first trip overseas to Ethiopia, changing not only his understanding of the world but also taking him out of his comfort zone...

Irene’s Journey to Greece 
Curiosity can change how you see the world. Whether you follow it on your travels or at home, it’ll help you discover something you’ll never expect. See what happened to our first traveller Irene, when she rediscovered her long-lost curiosity in Greece...

Does The Idea of Capturing Newfoundland sound appealing to you?

Our new Capturing Newfoundland program is open to all skill levels and spouses or friends that would like to come along. Throughout this program, we will operate on a looser schedule that will allow us to chase the available light, adjust the visits to suit the weather of the day, and provide for more time to just get that one shot you have always wanted. Jon Gurr, a retired professor of photography, and your tour escort will be providing tips and tricks as well as optional tutorials to help hone your skills and develop new ones. He will cover subjects from the basics to more advanced photography modes and will go more in-depth for genre specifics like landscape, long exposures, wildlife, and portraiture. Join a future Capturing Newfoundland journey and discover the land and people of Newfoundland. Click here for more!

Whale Tales: The Double Breach

Watch this video with Boat Tour Guide Joe describing one whale watcher's photo op of a lifetime! Big fish stories are as much a part of the culture in Newfoundland as the ocean itself.  With 22 species of whales wandering the waters off the shores of Newfoundland, it's the perfect place to capture that perfect whale photo!  Click here to watch the video

Be sure to enter your best Newfoundland photo into our photo contest - details can be found here - and your best shot might be featured in a future social media post, brochure, or may even win in our annual photo contest.  Good luck! 

Just like travel, photography is an art of observation.  It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place.  Allow your camera to encourage exploration and visit places that make you step back in awe.  Then when a great moment presents itself, don't hold back! Get those shots of the waterfalls, fjords, cliffs, beaches, locals, and everything in between.  

Photography not only gives us the platform to express the world as we see it, but we can also capture little moments of clarity that highlight truths about travel, adventure, and life itself.  Through sharing photos on social media and submitting your favourite into our photo contest, we are reminded how we’re all connected with each other by our love of travel!  Enjoy this issue of Travel Talk, focused around the universal language that speaks to the heart... photography!