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All Things (Seem) Are Possible in May

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Is there anyone that would disagree with American photographer, naturalist and writer Edwin Way Teale’s perspective of spring - “The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.” ? 
Not only do all things seem possible in May, they certainly are, especially when it comes to celebrating this colourful, blooming season with an exceptional offer. 
Because the soothing feeling of the sun kissing your skin is on the horizon – you’ll want to prolong that as much as possible before having to deal with the dreadful temperatures when winter inevitably comes along again. What is the best way to push those unpleasant thoughts away? Reserve a November Windstar cruise to the magnificent Windward Islands!
The best part is, besides prolonging your enjoyment of the sun, is you will also receive complimentary $US150 shipboard credit per person! From May 6 through to May 20, you are receiving an additional $US50 shipboard credit per person on top of the $US100 group shipboard credit per person. So in the end it’s not a 100 but US$150 shipboard credit per person that you will be able to spend on yourself! We promise, there’s no catch - only some sun, incredibly tasty food and crystal clear waters from which you won’t be able to refrain yourself diving into. 
As soon as you embark the magical Star Legend, you are in for a feast of vibrant sunsets, pristine bays, a multitude of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, intriguing colourful and colonial buildings and a seemingly never-ending explosion of flavours and scents.
Enjoy our excellent group pricing to explore a secluded part of the world only Windstar’s cruise ships can reach due to their small size. Sailing with Windstar is an experience of its own that has to be lived to be understood. Let us give you a taste of it before you enjoy it fully this November.   
Our Cruise Specialists are looking forward to helping you select the stateroom that is best suited to your sailing desires. Contact them today at 1.800.387.8890 or email them

Happy spring and happy sailing!