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Actively discover the world with local experts

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Being a traveller is not only being able to laze around in an environment that’s radically different from your daily routine. Travelling is taking the time to understand the thousands of customs that make up a culture; it is experiencing the unknown and becoming familiar with flavours, scents and sights unique to a region. Travelling is the opportunity to be active, grow as a world citizen and engage with local experts. With the Active & Discovery program, Avalon Waterways invites you to do just that. Their brand new program offers you the opportunity to customize your vacation to perfection. Choose from three dozen excursions and do what you really love while on vacation.

The first itinerary for which the Active & Discovery program is available will take you along the delightful Rhône River, from Port-Saint-Louis to Lyon. Explore France’s beauty as you hike through the unparalleled Camargue Nature Park; e-bike through the Gard region; fly over the traditional Provencal villages of Fontaine de Vaucluse, renowned for its mesmerizing spring, on a helicopter ride; join an expert guide on a walk along the medieval ramparts of Avignon or meet with a French chef in Lyon for a day experience that your taste buds will not forget.  
Are you ready to actively make the most of your next river cruise? Contact our Cruise Specialists for more information and to secure your spot on Avalon Waterways’ next cruise along the Rhône River.