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A World Without Walls - by Donna Rombough

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Amidst all of the rhetoric, negativity, lies, verbal abuse and hate mongering that is going on south of our border, where each day’s events is crazier than the last, one can only hope and pray that it’s all going to end on November 8th and that sanity will prevail.

The nonsense put forth by Mr. Trump is truly frightening and yet, he continues to have many supporters.  While many of these, it is said, are at the low end of the income scale, or on social assistance and those who simply feel they have been neglected by their government, I was very surprised when, on a recent river cruise, there were well heeled Americans who indicated they would be voting for Mr. Trump.  They didn’t want to talk much about it, but their intent was clear.  This made me even more nervous about the outcome on November 8.  Other Americans we met during the cruise were as dumbfounded as we, at what is happening in their country today. 

As someone who has a passion for travel and exploring the world, I am appalled at the idea of building walls with our neighbours, insulating ourselves, closing doors to visitors and to trade, to fearing every step we take.  We are all participants in the world community and travel is one of the best ways to foster goodwill and an understanding of foreign countries and cultures.  How will we ever understand each other if we aren’t allowed to explore, communicate, get to know and embrace what the rest of the world is about. 

Now is not the time to build walls, nor will it ever be.  Now is the time to show that we are not afraid, that we do want to explore and understand what the world’s community is all about; that our neighbours a world away are folks just like us, wanting to live in peace and harmony. Freedom of movement, freedom to discover the world and its’ people is a right, a privilege and an opportunity we can’t afford to miss.  Travelling beyond our borders fosters tolerance, understanding and compassion towards our fellow man, regardless of the country, its culture or religion.  Let’s all believe in and foster a world without walls.