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7 Reasons Windstar Cruises Makes For Perfect Family Vacations

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Do you want your family cruise vacation to be the opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your relatives as well as being educational for everyone? Keep reading, you will love this!  
1. Friendly service that will make you feel at home
The service offered by Windstar Cruises crew is undeniably what makes cruising with them such a delightful and unforgettable experience. Say goodbye to big ships that welcome thousands of passengers, giving you the feeling that you are just one ant in an anthill. 
The ratio of guests to staff onboard Windstar fleet is incredible - 1:1.5. So yes, your waiter will greet you by your name every morning and they won’t ask for your stateroom number when ordering a drink. They will just know where to bring it to you. 
Because the service is so friendly, personalized and curated, it will feel like you have welcomed a new member into your family. The only downside is… You’ll want to bring the crew home with you!
2. No set seating times means you are as free as air!
For some of us, being on vacation means stop paying attention to the clock and enjoying the moment as it comes. With Windstar Cruises, you can do just that. No need to try and gather the kids and rush out of your relaxing afternoon to get ready for dinner. Let the kids enjoy their ziplining ride while you are sipping a cocktail in a hot tub and head for the dining room whenever everyone is ready. The dining room is usually open from 6:30pm to 9pm offering ample time for your entire family to enjoy their exciting shore excursion to the fullest and tell you all about it over a delightfully prepared dinner.
3. Spend some family quality time as you jump right off the ship
It is not always easy to convince the entire family to go ashore… Windstar Cruises has got the perfect solution to this: Jump right off the ship! Located at the aft of the ship, a water sports platform will keep the entire family busy and active. You are invited to use any of the equipment - paddleboards, single or double kayaks, water skis, snorkel gear - to explore the destination the way you want to. If you’re not feeling like being too active that day, you are welcome to simply swim or relax in one of the lounge chairs.     
4. Your cruise will become educational for the entire family
Cruising is of course about having the opportunity to travel from port to port and delve right into the core of a multitude of cultures. But, what about also learning about the art of cruising? Windstar Cruises has an open bridge policy offering all guests the opportunity to pop into the bridge and have a conversation with the Captain and officers. Besides showing you the instrument panels used when navigating, or teach you how to understand a radar, your Captain may even share with you some great stargazing tips. Your grandkids will for sure enjoy having the opportunity to have a look at what’s happening in the usually secret, inaccessible bridge. What a great story for them to tell their friends! 
5. Sail a sailing ship for an authentic cruising experience
Half of Windstar cruises fleet is actually made of sailing ships with authentic sails, which brings your cruise experience up to the next level. There is nothing more exhilarating than taking in the sights of the shoreline as the flapping sails dance to the rhythm of wind. Where else can you enjoy a motor-free cruising experience? 
6. Uncrowded shore excursions for optimal enjoyment
Both on board and on shore, Windstar’s keyword to cruising is intimacy. Because they want to make sure you will learn as much as possible, shore excursions are curated and offered to a limited number of participants. So if you have a big family, you might even enjoy an excursion all to yourselves!   
7. Low key evenings make for great family quality time
Unlike big ships, you will not find discotheques, magic shows or other spectacular entertainment onboard Windstar Cruises. But you will get the opportunity to enjoy live music, and even dance to it should you wish. Or perhaps take a seat under the stars for a stargazing session. The best part? You will actually be able to have a conversation with your family, without having to yell over loud music. Isn’t that the perfect setting to share each other’s highlights of the day?
Does this sound like the type of cruising experience you and your family would enjoy? Contact our Cruise Specialists for more information. They will be happy to help you find the sailing that would best suit you and your family. 
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