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5 Tips to Cruise Sustainably

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More and more cruise lines are now trying to limit their impact on the environment by implementing new regulations. As avid cruisers and world citizens, we can also contribute to reducing our ecological footprint.  
1. Switch to tap water
Yes, tap water onboard ships is potable so why not take advantage of it when it can help reduce waste? Bring along a reusable water bottle to help reduce single use plastic consumption and waste.
The best part? You will save a lot of money by no longer purchasing these little water bottles that seem to be empty after just a few sips.
2. Turn off the lights when you leave your cabin
Some cruise lines have implemented a system that only allows you to turn the power on when your stateroom key is in the slot by the door. This results in you taking your stateroom key with you anytime you go out and automatically turning off the light. Smart, right?
However, this technology is yet to expand across all cruise lines. So if you are travelling with a cruise line that does not have such helpful technology, you’ll need to be mindful of manually flipping the light switch. You may also want to try to use as little artificial light as possible. If you are staying in an outside cabin featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, don’t be shy and use them! Let natural light in as much as you can and enjoy the views!
3. The shorter showers, the healthier our planet!
For some people, taking a shower is the best time of day to unwind and enjoy some alone time. But this good feeling may have a negative effect on our planet. Shortening a 20 minute shower to a 5 minute one may sound frustrating at first. However it does not mean you will loose any of the relaxation or resourcefulness benefits provided by your daily showering. If anything, it will increase your appreciation of it! Oh and remember… that tap does not need to be flowing the entire time you’re in the shower. Try flipping it off when you are shampooing your hair or lathering up.
4. Bring your own shower supplies
Even though the supplies provided by your cruise line are very convenient and can help you save some room in your luggage for souvenirs, they can be atrocious for our planet. If their supplies come in those teeny tiny bottles that are made from single use plastic and thrown away once used, it’s not good. Some cruise lines have implemented large pump supplies to reduce plastic use, but bringing your own remains the best alternative. Plus, that way you can be sure it is the appropriate type of product for your skin and hair!
5. Know that any type of contribution can make a difference
Quality over quantity. That saying can be applied to many different scenarios, including the environmental one! Every little action can go a long way! Take pride in changing your habits while you travel as well as at home. And tell your relatives and friends about your actions and accomplishments. It is by uniting and acting together that we will make the greatest difference, but every bit still helps. 
Let’s work together to ensure we have thousands and thousands of years ahead for us and our future generations to discover all that our beautiful planet has to offer. Becoming a responsible traveller and world citizen is an unparalleled reward.
Happy Sustainable Cruising!