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5 Tips For a Stress-Free Airport Security Check Experience

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Flying can be chaotic anytime of the year, but airports are especially busy during the winter season when many are keen on escaping the cold and jet setting off to warmer climates. Just thinking of the traffic, crowds and long lines at security can be enough to keep you bundled up at home, hoping to hibernate through the winter months. No matter the season, we believe in the importance of exotic travel to warm our spirits and keep the winter blues at bay! With the airports teeming with sun seekers, here are several tips and tricks to help you feel prepared and to get through the security lines as stress-free as possible:

  1. Seeing a long, snaking security line can instantly cause anxiety. To ensure you’ve given yourself plenty of time to make it through, arrive a bit earlier than usual. A good estimate is to arrive at least 90 minutes before a domestic flight, and three hours before an international flight, especially if you’re checking bags. Add to these times according to weather conditions, weekends and holidays and popular flying times. If you see that your flight is mostly booked when you check in online and secure your seat, plan to arrive a little earlier.

  2. Pack light if you can. Weigh your bags before hand to make sure you’re not over the limit. Maximize what you can carry on to the plane and leave your toiletries in your checked baggage to simplify your security experience.

  3. Remove any food or water from carry-on along with standard items like toiletries and laptops. Know what you can and can’t take on a plane and learn how to store certain items. For example, making sure that all gels and liquids you need to pack in your carry-on are stored in small containers (100ml max container size) and kept in a clear plastic bag (1L max bag size). Keeping this plastic bag at the top of your carry-on will make sure you’re not digging around looking for it when you get to security.

  4. Know what you should and shouldn’t wear. Dress comfortably with easy to remove outer wear and slip on shoes. Empty your pockets and wear very little metal when it comes to items like belts, and jewellery.

  5. Organization is key. Keep your boarding pass and ID handy for easy verification, and organize your medications separate, should they need to be inspected (always keep these in their original bottles). Also, prepare your electronics in advanced by making sure they are charged before you leave home and getting your laptop and tablet out and keeping your phone readily available for screening. Always put your large electronics such as laptops and tablets in their own screening bin.

Best of luck breezing through security on your next flight!

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