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2018 Photo Contest Winners

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We are excited to announce the winners of our Photo Contest and share some other photos, worth an honourable mention.  Plus we've made an exciting change to our Photo Contest. We have added a prize of 2,500 CT Points!  For the 2018 submissions we will be selecting one grand prize winner from the combined winners of the mid-year and end of year contest. The Grand prize winner will be announced in February and in our following brochure. So get those photos in for your chance to win!

The first wining photo comes from Linda Bazowsky.

Jaguar by Linda Bazowsky

The striking Jaguar, creature of magnificent strength, ferocity and beauty.  The name jaguar is derived from the Native American word yaguar, which means "he who kills with one leap."

The second winning photo comes from John Pollard.

Love Locks by John Pollard

These love locks in Prague highlight the still growing trend to place locks on bridges around the world.  At first glance, the love locks appear innocent enough, and the thoughts behind the practice are certainly well intended.  Couples and friends place a lock inscribed with their names on the bridge all in the name of 'everlasting love,' said to be inspired by the 2006 best-selling novel I Want You.  Although loved by tourists, local organizations have to remove the locks periodically from such bridges as it can cause structural damage because of the accumulative weight of the locks.

Congratulations to both Linda and John, we will feature their photos in our next annual calendar!  They will also be eligible to win the final prize of 2,500 CT Points! 

There were many more great photos submitted, here are a few more which are definitely worthy of an honourable mention...  

Damoy Point, Antarctica - Gentoo Family by Diane Hay,Local market on Irrawaddy, Myanmar by Wilma Yurko,Tanakha! by Maria Manueal Querido,Teak Bridge, Myanmar by Wilma Yurko,Beautiful Iran by Jurgen Pitsch,Trakai Castle by Janet Williams,Washing clothes in the river, Myanmar by Maria Luisa Serra  ,Digital Monk in Myanmar by Maria Luisa Serra  ,Poindicherry, Tamil Nadu South India by Marthe Ledoux