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12 Items to Pack in Your Carry-On

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Packing should never be a hassle - it should be the first thrilling step of your travel adventure. To avoid any future struggles and questioning, here are the twelve essentials you should always pack in your carry-on.


  1. Inflatable pillow

Wherever you may go, you want to be in the best of shape and mood when you arrive in your final destination. We all know that sleep is the best way to ensure that, but it’s not the pillow provided by the airline that will help you rest to the fullest. Buy yourself a comfortable inflatable pillow that you can blow up in the departure lounge, right before boarding your flight. Inflatable pillows are the most convenient as they barely take up any room in your carry-on once deflated - they become as flat as a pancake! They are also the most comfortable because you can control how tender you want them to be.


  1. Eye Mask

Even though most airlines will deem the lights through a large part of the flight, this may not be enough for you to fall into a deep and restful sleep. An eye mask is the key to ensure your neighbour’s reading light will not disturb your sleep. Research from NASA even proved that eliminating exposure to light can help with jet lag.


  1. Earplugs or noise cancelling headphones

We all know how noisy a flight can get, from crying babies, to neighbours who talk loudly, to the aircraft’s roaring engines... Bringing earplugs is just like a wise idea. On top of reducing noise while trying to fall asleep, they may help you avoid ear pain with the altitude change. If you like to enjoy the in-flight entertainment, make sure to get yourself noise cancelling headphones. They will drastically enhance your movie experience!


  1. Sanitizing wipes

If you knew how many germs surround you on a daily basis, especialy in your small seating area, you would not want to fly ever again. But instead of recommending you to stop treating yourself to well deserved vacations, we’ll recommend you pack sanitizing wipes. Spending a couple of minutes cleaning your tray table, entertainment screen, controls and armrests can go a long way. To kill two birds with one stone, you may want to purchase the double duty wipes, which can be used as a hand sanitizer as well.


  1. Compression socks

It is never recommended to stay seated for too long, and yet there is little avioding it on longhaul flights. Besides moving around as much as you can, it is recommended you wear compression socks to avoid blood clots. Avoid this health risk as they can become dangerous and ruin your vacation.


  1. Non-electronic entertainment

 It may be hard to think about entertainment that are non-electronic. However, when your phone, e-reader or laptop run out of battery life, you’ll be happy to have brought paperback books, a magazine or crossword puzzles to pass the time.


  1. Medication

As much as nobody wants to be sick on an aircraft, sometimes it is unavoidable - so it's better to be proactive than sorry. It never harms to pack aspirin and some stomach settling medicines. If you tend to have troubles falling asleep, sleeping pills can be a good idea but make sure you check with your doctor and that you try them first while you’re still at home. You do not want to encounter new side effects up in the sky!


  1. Food and water

Even though you are likely to receive food and beverages on your flight, there is no more unsettling feeling than being hungry. Pack some snacks and bring along your reusable Craig Travel water bottle. Be mindful of the type of snacks you are bringing though. Because a large part of the population tends to be allergic to nuts, they may not be the safest snack to bring on a plane. You will also want to be careful with fruits and vegetables as some countries may not allow you to bring them after landing if you have not finished consuming them. Remember that you cannot have any liquids with you when going through security at the airport, but it is easy enough to fill up your water bottle after you've cleared security. The crew onboard the aircraft will always be happy to fill it up for you as well.


  1. Pen and paper

It is always a good idea to have a pen and a notepad with you as it may become useful when you least expect it. You may have to fill out a form for customs or note down a few instructions given by your Group Escort.


  1. Chewing gum or mints

If you tend to be sensitive to altitude change, the old trick of chewing gum or sucking mints will help relieve pressure in your ears. It is also a great way to refresh your breath after a meal or a nap.


  1. Shawl, large scarf or sweater

If the AC is on full blast, the blanket provided by the airline won’t be enough. Don’t take the risk to be cold throughout an 8-hour flight and bring along a nice shawl. Worst case scenario, should you not use it as a blanket, you can always roll it up as an extra pillow or use it to block out the light.


  1. Clothes

Even though we hope this won’t happen to you, there’s always the possibility that your luggage might not make it to your destination at the same time as you. To avoid extra expenses and the inconvenience that may occur from such unfortunate incident, pack one or two days worth of clothing.  


You are now all ready for your next adventure! Enjoy!