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Pam Cannon
Group Escort

Pam Cannon and her husband Nick, who are inveterate travellers, have journeyed through the United Kingdom, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean. As two of our most popular leaders, they have escorted both cruise and tour groups to a wide variety of destinations including Panama, Alaska,...

Pastor Paul Robinson
Group Escort

Reverend Paul Robinson has pastored for 37 years, serving churches in Montréal, Ottawa, Port Rowan and, for the past five years, St. Andrew's Tillsonburg. A former military officer, he received his B.A. from the Royal Military College and an M.A. from Laurentian. A people-person through and...

Patricia O'Reilly
Group Escort

Patricia O’Reilly loves to travel and has incorporated this passion into her professional life. She has been leading interdisciplinary study tours since 1994. She has travelled to over 50 countries and enjoys land tours, cruising and everything inbetween. She describes her work with Craig Travel...

Ralph Dilworth
Rev Brian Galligan

We are pleased to have Rev. Brian and Karen Galligan escorting this exciting journey. Currently a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada, prior to ordination he had an international career as a Biomedical Scientist. Before joining Craig Travel several years ago, Brian had already travelled...

Rev. Jim Thompson and Rev. Ted Reeve
Group Escorts

Jim Thompson spent his formative years in small-town Ontario, north of Waterloo. After graduating from Ryerson University in electronics and after working with ‘Ontario Hydro’, Jim began a two-year journey around the world. While in Europe, he had the opportunity to engage in dialogue with Otto...

Robert Craig

Robert Craig is of the third generation of the Craig family to pursue the love of travel. Since joining Craig Travel in 2006 he has travelled by rail, cruise ship, coach and car through and around three continents, exploring the fjords of Norway, the Alps of Switzerland, the islands of the...

Robb Sykes
Group Escort

Robb Sykes is presently the lead pastor of Centre Fellowship Church in Orangeville, Ontario, which is a community-oriented church of about 100 families.  Robb entered full time into ministry after working in management consulting, banking, and owning several businesses. Throughout the years, he...

Romy Hahn
Group Escort

Born in Northern Ontario to a Parisian/German Father and a Franco-Ontarian Mother with Greek heritage and gypsy blood, it is no surprise that Romy Hahn’s love and passion for life and travel began at an early age. She began her lifelong relationship with travel while growing up spending her...

Ross and Lucy McLean
Group Escorts

Ross and Lucy have travelled extensively through six continents, including some time living abroad.  Leading an active life helps keep them in shape for the trips they do each year.  They are lucky to live in Muskoka, one of North America's premier summer vacation spots. Clean water,...