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Group Escort Profiles


Lynn Macdonald
Group Escort

Lynn Macdonald is no stranger to the world of travel as she has explored the world from North America to China, Europe and Africa and enjoyed numerous cruises primarily on Holland America Line. Recently, she has been pursuing her love of travel through escorting groups, on our behalf, to a...

Marc Cianfrini
Group Escort

Marc Cianfrini is highly respected in the education sector for his innovative implementation of new and creative learning initiatives. With 37 years’ experience at the Secondary and University level, Marc has demonstrated leadership and expertise in school administration, teaching, technological...

Margaret Smith
Group Escort

Margaret Smith has led a varied life, following careers in travel, business and teaching before she entered the ministry in 1997. Currently she is serving the United Church in Keswick. Throughout her life, Margaret has loved the world of travel and has spent much of her life exploring the world...

Mark Aitchison
Group Escort

Reverend Mark Aitchison and his life partner, Pattie, have escorted groups to Israel, Europe, Peru, South Africa and Greece. They have travelled throughout Europe as well as to Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and Egypt. Mark spent the last 37 years as a pastoral minister in the United Church of...

Mary Mundle

As well as being an educator and researcher, Mary Mundle has spent time as an entrepreneur in various locations in Canada. She is an experienced traveller and her global journey thus far includes North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. Having lived and worked in many parts of Canada, she has...

Mary Taylor
Group Escort

Throughout her life, Mary Talyor has always travelled for pleasure, for work, for family, and to indulge her love of watersports. Born and raised in England, she came to Canada in 1974 and has spent almost four decades in education, working in schools, educational program development, research,...

Michael Coren
Group Escort

Michael has been a journalist, TV and radio host for 40 years, and was recently ordained as an Anglican priest. Married for 35 years, he and his wife have four children. Originally from the UK, Michael came to Canada in 1987. He’s traveled widely in the Middle East and Europe, and is fascinated...

Monita Lee
Operations Specialist, Group Escort, Volunteer Marketing Assistant

We are pleased to have Monita Lee to escort this exciting journey. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Monita is no stranger to the Orient. She lived and worked in Hong Kong, working in the financial world. During her early years she travelled extensively in the region, including numerous trips to...

Nancy Knox
Group Escort

Nancy Knox has been a United Church of Canada minister for over 35 years. She is currently residing in the beautiful Muskoka. Nancy has done personal travel across Canada and to Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. She loves group travel and has led tours to Israel,...

Nick and Pam Cannon
Group Escorts

Nick Cannon and his wife Pam, who are inveterate travellers, have journeyed through the United Kingdom, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean. As two of our most popular leaders, they have escorted both cruise and tour groups to a wide variety of destinations including Panama, Alaska,...