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Oberammergau 2022

Passion Play Postponed Until 2022

We are in the process of rebooking everyone that requested to transfer their booking from the postponed 2020 performanced to the new 2022 dates. We will contact you regarding your booking shortly. This will take time to complete, so we kindly ask for your patience.

Please note we will not be accepting new reservations for the 2022 Passion Play until all currently booked passengers have been rebooked for 2022. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

For any of you interested in booking or rebooking your cancelled booking to attend the performance in Oberammergau in 2022, please email us to be the first to receive the information when our journeys are available for booking. Available journeys will include one or two nights in Oberammergau and premium theatre tickets to the preformance for the following destinations: The Holy Land, Heart of Europe, Enchanting Rhine River Cruise, Gems of the Alps, Croatian Adventure, Melodies of the Danube River Cruise, Heart of Germany, and Wonders of Italy.


What is the Oberammergau Passion Play?

The Oberammergau Passion Play is a unique theatrical tradition that is preformed once every ten years. This exceptional cultural and religious event encompasses over 2000 villagers from Oberammergau to reenact the passion of Christ from His entry into Jerusalem to the Resurrection. In 1633 Oberammergau was stricken with plague. After months of suffering the townspeople made a plea to God to spare them and pledged to act out the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ every ten years. 2022 marks the 42 performance of the Oberammergau Passion Play.