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Help Us Celebrate Our 50th Anniversary

50 Best Travel Memories

What's your best memory with Craig Travel?

Every week for the first 50 weeks of 2019 we will be sharing one of your best memories. The first 50 submitters plus any submissions chosen will receive 500 CT Points and be entered into our grand prize draw happening in December 2019!

To submit your best memory, email with your name, the trip and the year it happened as well as a photo if you have one. We look forward to sharing Craig Travel's 50 Best Memories with you.

Week 7

Mary Ann Beaulne's best memory in China and Tibet in 2013

"In May 2013 I was on a fantastic trip to China & Tibet. The overnight train trip up to Lhasa was an adventure in itself but one of my best memories of Shangri-la is having the opportunity to sit on the back of a yak. There are not many places where one gets a chance like that!"

Mary Ann has been travelling with Craig Travel since 2005 and discovering the beauty of China and Tibet was the best memory of the 13 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Mary-Ann and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 6

Valerie Villemaire's best memory in Israel and Jordan in 2018

"It was very difficult to select just one « best » memory from this very busy spiritual pilgrimage. Our 19 day itinerary was packed with many wonderful biblical sites. But I decided to chose our visit to Wadi Rum, where some of the epic historical drama Lawrence of Arabia was filmed... it was an awesome « fun » day: driving in open Jeeps, riding camels, climbing up a sand dune & eating a traditional Bedouin meal."

Valerie Villemaire's exploration of Israel and Jordan was her first time travelling with Craig Travel. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Valerie and we hope you will create new memories on future adventures with Craig Travel. Welcome to the Craig Travel family!


Week 5

Bonnie Saveall's best memory in Sri Lanka in 2015

"One of my best memories of trips taken with Craig Travel comes from my very first Craig trip that I took with my best friend in February 2015 to Sri Lanka and The Maldives. Our escort on this trip was Donna Rombough and we had such a great time with her. The entire group bonded so well and every day was an adventure of sights never before experienced and camaraderie around the dinner table each evening. From visiting the elephant sanctuary to the temples to the tea plantations to the desert - there were so many interesting things to see and do that I was amazed each and every day. It was a fantastic trip that I am so glad I took and it got my husband and I started on travelling with Craig. We have since gone to Alaska, on the Rhine riverboat cruise and on the Russian Waterways trip as well as having two trips booked for 2019. We can't wait for the next adventure to begin." 

Bonnie Saveall has been travelling with Craig Travel since 2015 and her very first trip with Craig Travel exploring Sri Lanka and the Maldives was the best memory of the 4 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Bonnie and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 4

Judy Kwanisca's best memory in Namibia in 2014

"This was the first time Craig Travel went to the beautiful southwestern African nation named Namibia. We stayed at the Inter-Africa Lodge. Very early in the morning as we stood with our jackets on waiting in cool temperatures, out of the desert sands of the Kalahari came the bushmen. Although they did not speak English they were able to tell us about their life by using pantomime and actions." 

Judy Kwanisca has been travelling with Craig Travel since 1996 and travelling across Namibia on our very first exploration of this fascinating country was the best memory of the 5 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Judy and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 3

Diana Patterson's best memory in Russia in 2010

"It was in September 2010, when my friend and I travelled from Moscow to St. Petersburg. We experienced the sights, sounds and history of Moscow, which I enjoyed immensely. In particular, the Moscow underground system with its many beautiful stations is simply fabulous and a history lesson in itself! Our lecturer on our ship, Tatyana Kozlova, was fantastic throughout the entire trip. She took us on a historical journey that was both astonishing and enlightening. St Petersburg was magnificent. Out of this world museums and architecture. But the most significant part of the journey for me, was in Uglich. After a walking tour of the former Uglich Kremlin, Craig Travel organized a traditional dinner in the home of a lady by the name of Ludmila. We were in a group of twelve, warmly welcomed by Ludmila, her mother, her daughter and her infant grandchild. Four generations living together in one small apartment. We learned the 'proper' way to drink vodka (a shot of vodka, followed by a slice of dill pickle!) and the importance of cabbage in their diet. Delicious food was served up with discussions of education, economics, politics, and religion. Ludmila was a very gracious host. It was sharing a meal with this family that meant the world to me. A truly great experience.  I still talk about it! An added bonus to this trip was meeting new friends. Two ladies from Newfoundland have become my good friends. We have visited Newfoundland and they joined us on our journey to Holland and Belgium with Craig Travel. I have been on a couple of other trips with Craig Travel, the Tulips in Holland and Belgium as well as to the lower Danube. Both were great fun! Thank you all for organizing such fabulous journeys for us all. It is very comforting having an escort on our trips.  All travels, questions and queries are dealt with promptly and efficiency. I hope to travel with you again in the very near future."

Diana Patterson has been travelling with Craig Travel since 2010 and sailing through the waterways of Russia on our 2010 river cruise was the best memory of the 3 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Diana and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 2

Lorhel White's best memory in Greenland in 2002

"When we were on a cruise called “Iceland & The Atlantic Isles” in 2002 ,we were nearing Greenland and in Prince Christian Sound. There was something huge and white right outside our cabin window! I screamed “Iceberg”-  so close I felt that I could have touched it! My first iceberg! I can still remember the excitement and wonder of that moment! As it turned out there were many “first moments” of wonder on that voyage, but this one stands out as the most memorable!"


Week 1

Win Hibbins' best memory in Half Moon Cay in 2016

"Seeing and experiencing the island of Half Moon Cay for the very first time: It certainly seemed like it was indeed a 'paradise' that you never wanted to leave. I had my picture taken under the sign at the beach which says, 'I wish I could stay here forever!' What is forever impressed on my memory? Forever is the crystal clear, warm water, the finest and whitest of sand. Wandering down the walkways and roads I was enveloped by the succulent vegetation and flowering shrubs that naturally caused you to relax and enjoy your stay, albeit it just for a day!  What a memory!"

Win Hibbins has been travelling with Craig Travel since 2007 and visiting Half Moon Cay aboard Holland America was the best memory of the 6 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Win and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

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