Can we prebook our seats? | Craig Travel

This will vary greatly from airline to airline. In most cases, we block a group of seats, obtaining very special discounted rates for the group. In those situations, we pass the savings on to you but at the same time we give up some of the privileges that we might otherwise have, like the ability to select specific seats for our group members. We will always ask you to provide your preferred seating and then we will do all possible to fulfill your requests. However, most airlines do not provide us with actual seat assignments in advance and, in many cases, the airline will simply allocate a block of seats for our group, without regard for individual requests. We suggest that if your seat assignment is important that you do the following: About 24 hours prior to your first flight, you contact the airline directly, asking for your seat assignment and requesting a change if necessary. You arrive at the airport as early as you can and that you request them to change your seats at the check in counter. We do regret this situation and continue our efforts to better obtain seat selection for group members.