Special Requests | Craig Travel

If I have physical limitations, will I be allowed to join a tour?

Our escorted tours are designed for people who are physically fit - we suggest that all members on tours should be able to walk at a reasonable pace for a couple of city blocks and that they be able to negotiate stairs. Passengers requiring wheel chairs and/or walkers should not join one of our escorted tours or river cruises. Members who only need assistance to get through airports can always request extra assistance. Travellers who have walking limitations can always look to booking an ocean cruise on which the activities/excursions are optional.

Can we prebook our seats?

This will vary greatly from airline to airline. In most cases, we block a group of seats, obtaining very special discounted rates for the group. In those situations, we pass the savings on to you but at the same time we give up some of the privileges that we might otherwise have, like the ability to select specific seats for our group members. We will always ask you to provide your preferred seating and then we will do all possible to fulfill your requests.

Can I arrange for special dietary needs?

We encourage all travellers to advise us about any special dietary needs that they may have (vegetarian, diabetic, gluten free, etc.). If possible, we will make arrangements with our air carriers for your special diet requests. Please note that we will pass special requests along to other suppliers (hotels, cruise lines, etc.), but the passengers, with the help of the group leader, must remind the suppliers (staff at the restaurant, hotel or cruise ship) and be aware of their own needs in these situations.

Can I use or accumulate frequent flyer points or Air Miles?

Air Miles can not be accumulated in conjunction with our travel arrangements. If you want to use Air Miles to help pay for a tour, you will have to book our tour or cruise without the airfares and then contact Air Miles directly to book those flights. Aeroplan is the most common frequent flyer program in Canada. Depending on the air carrier being used for your flights, you will be able to collect points.

Can we arrange stopovers to break the long overseas flights?

In most cases we can arrange for you to break your journey but this will often involve an extra charge, which may include an airline fee, additional airfares, additional taxes, the cost to upgrade your insurance and any land arrangements that you may require. If you want to consider this option, please discuss the options with our staff at the time of booking.

Can you make additional travel arrangements for us?

YES, our travel associates will assist you in making any requested alterations to our planned itineraries. However you should be aware that such changes will generally involve extra costs, related to airfare adjustments, additional services, insurance adjustments, etc. In some cases, the inclusive nature of our programs may result in deviations being not practical.

Can we upgrade to Business Class for our flights?

Yes, you can request this but ask for the cost, first! Upgrading to Business Class can double the entire cost of some tours. On the other hand, for some destinations we are able to offer "Big Seats" (economy class service but with more space) or Business Excursion upgrades, that can be relatively affordable. These often have very limited availability, so early booking is essential.