Pre-Departure Questions | Craig Travel

Can I arrange my own flights?

If you want to arrange your own flights, you are free to do so. If using points, you will need to contact the airline directly as early as possible. We will provide you with a Land or Cruise Only cost (usually this is listed on our brochure). In addition to excluding the airfares and related taxes, this cost excludes the departure and arrival transfers, both in Canada and the destination, all related taxes and insurance coverage. At the start of the tour/cruise, you will be responsible to make your own way to the first hotel or to the pier, unless you arrive on the group flight.

How can I find out what weather conditions I can expect at my destination?

In these days of changing weather patterns, it is virtually impossible to provide a clear and honest forecast of future weather conditions. We select departure dates to visit our chosen destinations when we expect great weather and we provide historical information on temperatures that we hope you will experience. For further information about weather conditions conditions in your destination we suggest that you use the internet just prior to departure.

Can we keep in touch with family while we cruise?

Most cruise ships now operate internet services which are available for passengers although they tend to be relatively expensive. For even more money (about US$10 per minute), you call home via satellite. Many cruise passengers learn from the cruise staff, and either call home while on shore or use land based internet services.

How much will shore excursions cost on our ocean cruise?

On ocean cruises, the cost of shore excursions will vary considerably from port to port and depending on the length and activity involved. Generally, you should allow about US$40 - 60 per person for a half day tour and US$100 - 150 pp for a full day tour including lunch. For ocean cruises, detailed shore excursion information and booking procedures are available on the cruise line website - if you wish to book your excursions in advance, you can do so online. On river cruises most shore excursions are usually included.

How much money will I need on a cruise?

This will depend on the cruise and your personal spending habits. For ocean cruises, you should allow funds for Shore Excursions which are generally not included as well as social needs while cruising (drinks, spa, etc.). You may also need to allow for funds for the time that you go ashore. Most cruise lines use the US Dollar as their currency on board. You can charge your ship board expenses to your shipboard account and settle at the end of the cruise with credit card (easiest), travellers cheques or cash (some cruise lines also accept personal cheques).

What amenities are available for our use on our cruise ship?

On ocean cruise ships, the list is virtually endless. Your cabin will usually contain twin beds (which may convert to a queen size bed), a colour TV, a telephone, a wakeup service, a private bathroom with hairdryer, a private safe and ample closet space. Many ships now have self serve laundry facilities. They also have numerous lounges, swimming pools, health club, card rooms, library, shops and much more.

How much luggage may I bring on a cruise?

Luggage restrictions are generally determined by the airline. Generally on ocean cruises we allow members to bring two checked bags, each of which can weigh up to 22 kg. Ongoing changes in airline rules may affect this in the future. Please be aware that with current security restrictions, individuals often must handle their own luggage at airports and for security. It always pays to travel with as little luggage as possible. On river cruises, because of space limitations and other travel restrictions, passengers are generally limited to one suitcase per person (max 22 kg).

For cruises, do we require formal attire?

Day wear on all cruises is best described as casual and comfortable. On most ocean cruises you will find that evening wear is becoming less formal each year. Evening dress is often described as “resort elegantly casual”. The actual dress codes will vary by cruise line and we will provide details well prior to departure. Generally speaking, you will have to dress formally (i.e. black tie (or dark suit) for gentlemen, formal gowns (or cocktail dress) for women on any but the most exclusive or longest cruises).

Can I use my electric appliances (eg hairdryer, razor, etc.) while on tour?

Depending on where you travel, you will find different power levels (i.e. 110 or 220 volts) and a variety of power outlets. We suggest that purchase an universal power adapter kit that will allow you to use different voltages and outlets. Many new hotels provide outlets that provide both voltages and accept a number of different plugs. If you are not able to find a suitable plug, contact the front desk.

How can we make contact with family & friends back home?

Prior to departure we will supply you with a list of hotel addresses and contact information, which you can leave with friends or a family member. While on tour you can easily call home. In many countries, you will find easy and inexpensive access to the internet through internet cafes which charge a small fee for using their computers. If you have a hotmail address, it is a very simple matter for you to collect your emails and to respond to them, although you will have some problems using keyboards on most computers outside Canada.