Payment, Pricing and Cancellation Questions | Craig Travel

What does the single supplement cover?

This supplement is the charge levied by our suppliers (hotels and /or cruise line) to cover the extra cost for sole occupancy of the accommodation. It does not relate to the cost of food, transportation or any other services. For instance, single passengers do not have the right to occupy two seats while on a coach tour. Single supplements can vary widely, ranging from 15% to 50% of the full twin price. When the single supplement is relatively low, it generally means that the accommodation being used (eg hotel) can provide rooms that were designed for sole occupancy.

What if I am traveling alone - do I have to pay the single supplement?

Members booking a tour on their own can request single rooms and pay the defined single supplement OR they can book on a Request-to-Share basis, in which case we will do all possible to find a suitable room-mate. We urge you to book early so that we have ample time to find a partner. Prior to final payment, if we are unable to find a suitable partner, you will have the option of paying the single supplement (& still wait-listing for a room-mate, if space is available) OR canceling with a full refund of your money. On some ocean cruise lines (e.g.

What happens if the price comes down after we make our reservation?

If we are able to lower our prices due to special offers from our suppliers, we will extend the savings to all members including those who are already booked.

Are the prices guaranteed?

Our prices are guaranteed once we acknowledge your final payment. While we do all possible to hold our advertised prices, we have recently been faced with numerous changes in fuel surcharges and taxes. We can not protect against these increases and sometimes have to pass these increases on to travellers.

When and how can I make my final payment?

As soon as we confirm your travel arrangements, we will send you a confirmation that outlines the balance due and the due date (usually 60 - 90 days prior to departure or immediately if booking within that time). You can pay by personal cheque, VISA or MasterCard or by bank transfer.

What if Craig Travel cancels my departure?

If Craig Travel is forced to cancel your travel arrangements, we will ensure that you receive a full refund of all money that you have paid to us, including your insurance premium. Note: if the cancellation is due to a reason beyond our control that is covered by our insurance coverage (eg a Travel Advisory issued by the government of Canada) and if we are unable to obtain a full refund of your monies, we may require that you make use of your insurance coverage to claim against those penalties.

What if I cancel my reservation after making my booking?

From the time that a booking is confirmed (under deposit), there will be an Administrative Fee charged for any cancellations (this amount will help us cover the high costs associated with booking and cancelling a reservation). This fee is not covered by our insurance (since it is much less than the cost of the insurance). Each of our brochures indicates the date when higher penalties will begin and when our insurance will be issued. From that date forward, the insurance premium is non refundable.