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What are Craig Tours all about?

Our goal is to provide an insightful travel adventure that encourages members to a better understanding of the world in which we live, through in depth sightseeing and interaction with the people and cultural sites that we are visiting. We do everything possible to look after the material well being of our members (good hotels and food, comfortable transportation, etc) while allowing them to delve into local customs and situations.

Why should I book a Craig Tour or Cruise?

We feel that we offer the best quality and the best value travel opportunities of any similar company operating in Canada or elsewhere. All of our tours are carefully planned to offer a comfortable pace, quality accommodations, in depth sightseeing and fully inclusive pricing. We encourage you to compare our product with other tours available but be very careful to compare apples to apples - check to see exactly what is included and what extras you may be required to pay.

On tours, what clothing will I need?

Members should bring clothes keeping the "C" words in mind - casual and comfortable. Your adventure is designed for your enjoyment and you should always travel with that in mind. On tours, men will seldom (if ever) need a jacket and tie and women will seldom (if ever) have to dress up, even if we do have an evening out! Remember that luggage restrictions limit the amount that you can bring and you have to save some space for your purchases. It is helpful to bring clothes that wash and dry easily (hotel laundry facilities can be very expensive).

How much luggage may I bring on a tour?

On tours members are generally limited to one checked suitcase, with further limitations based on airline restrictions. The sum of the dimensions (height x width x depth) of a suitcase can not exceed 60 inches. For international flights, bags must not exceed 22 kilograms (50 pounds). On tours that include additional local flights, weight limitations may be even stricter (sometimes as low as 15 kilograms (33 lbs). When packing your bags be sure to allow room and weight for the inevitable shopping that you will do en route. Detailed information will be provided with your final documents.

Are we expected to be physically active on these tours?

This answer will depend both on the individual traveler and the actual tour. Our programs do not require members to take long treks or to climb mountains, but people who live in condominiums and drive everywhere will be affected by the physical activity on a tour more than a person who lives in their own multi-storey house and walks two miles every day. Similarly some tours will require more physical activity than others - we do try to make this clear in our Activity Ratings for Tours and Cruises. If in doubt please discuss your questions with our staff members.

What category of hotels do you use on your tours?

We always provide comfortable, clean and safe accommodations - this usually means high quality first class (4 star) hotels, carefully chosen for their pleasant locations and special amenities. In some destinations we will use deluxe, superior tourist class or best available hotels, but we always select hotels that meet our criteria to provide a safe, clean, comfortable place to stay.

What cruise lines do you use?

We use a variety of cruise lines, depending on the destination and style of cruising. On many of our ocean cruises, we use Holland America Line, the highest rated Premium Cruise Line in the world. Holland America has repeatedly been voted the World's Best Cruise Value by the readers of Travel Holiday magazine and one of the World's Best Cruise Lines by the readers of Conde Naste magazine.

Who, in addition to the escort, will lead or guide the group?

On our tours, our escorts (often a husband and wife team) will generally travel with most of the group from Canada. Once there, the group will often be joined by a professional tour manager/national guide/driver/guide (TM) who will stay with the group until the departure for home. On most cruises, only our escorts accompany the group.

What features will I find in my hotel rooms and at the hotels?

Most of the hotels that we use are first class and the room features will change from destination to destination. All hotel rooms should have twin beds and a private bathroom. In most cases you will find a colour TV, a radio, a system for wakeup calls, a hairdryer and some other features in your room. Most hotels will have a swimming pool and health facility which you can use. In some destinations, hotels may provide coin operated laundry facilities that you can use.

Most cruise lines charge a per diem to cover shipboard gratuities. What does it cover?

Rather than leaving tipping up to the individual, many cruise lines now will add a set fee per person to the guest's shipboard account. This amount covers tipping to most of the staff on board, ranging from dining staff and cabin stewards to deck hands and kitchen staff (generally the amounts do not cover bar staff (see below), staff in the casino and the spa area). The money is pooled and shared by all staff. The amount charged varies by cruise line but it allows the traveller to ensure that the staff serving them is well rewarded.