General Questions | Craig Travel

What are the entry requirements for Canadian Passport holders for the destination I will visit?

Entry requirements vary by destination for Canadian Passport holders. Please discuss your entry requirements for your chosen destination(s) with your dedicated Tour or Cruise Specialist or visit ​ for the most updated information.

Can we make arrangements to celebrate our anniversary?

Absolutely - simply contact our staff and let us know what you are planning.

Do I need a passport or other personal documents?

You will require a passport for any trips that take outside of Canada. In today’s era of heightened security, passengers on domestic flights are being asked for proof of identity. For travel to the United States, it appears that all passengers will shortly be required to carry a valid passport. A passport is your best form of identification and proof of citizenship. In addition some countries will require that visitors obtain a VISA (this is their permission for you to enter their country and is usually a stamp in or paper attached to your passport).

Do you allow smoking on tours or cruises?

Smoking is not allowed on any of our tour coaches - the same holds true for all airlines while most cruise lines severely limit the areas in which you may smoke. We always request our hotels to provide non-smoking rooms but we cannot guarantee that such rooms will be available - hotels will only be able to confirm non-smoking rooms on the day of arrival and subject to rooms being available at the time. If you must have a non-smoking room, for medical reasons, please advise our office in advance and discuss the matter with your tour leader when you join the group.

How many people are there on one of your tours/cruises?

A number of factors will determine the final group size, not least of which is demand and the destination. We plan many of our tours and river cruises to operate with 38-40 members, to make best use of coach equipment (very small groups often must use smaller coaches that are noisy and uncomfortable). In certain more exotic destinations, we travel in smaller groups which are better suited to those regions. Group sizes on ocean cruises are generally not confined by transportation limitations and may be substantially larger, depending on the destination and ship.

When will my travel documents reach me?

Once we receive your booking, we will confirm your reservation and issue your invoice. The date for final payment will be indicated on the invoice but will usually be 60 to 90 days prior to your departure date. After receiving your final payment, which also will be acknowledged, we will forward your flight bag and any related information to reach you about 4 - 6 weeks prior to departure. Final documents (including air tickets, cruise tickets, final itinerary, hotel lists, baggage tags, etc., as applicable) should normally reach you about two to three weeks prior to your departure date.

How can I make my reservation?

You can make your reservation by telephone (followed by a written request), by mail using our handy enrolment form (the form is available on line or from our office) or online, using the registration form on our website. We will confirm your reservation in writing on receipt of your deposit.

When should I make my reservation?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. We suggest that you confirm your reservations as soon as possible, once you have decided on your chosen tour or cruise and are satisfied that this is what you want to do. Some departures will fill very quickly (in a matter of weeks) and once a departure sells out you can waitlist or wait for another year!!! Booking early assures your place on your chosen departure and on cruises will give you the best choice of cabin location. See also questions relating to single travellers.

What is meant by - "Craig Tours are Fully Inclusive"?

The selling prices of virtually all Craig Tours and Cruises include virtually all your prepaid costs - the airfare plus all related taxes, hotel accommodations and/or cruise costs including all taxes and service fees, most meals (as described for each departure), sightseeing as described including entrance fees, gratuities for included services (i.e.

Do your tours/cruises include a religious focus?

While we use ministers to escort many of our groups and most of our past clients have come to us either through religious publications (e.g. Anglican Journal, United Church Observer and Presbyterian Record) or through referrals from many of our past clients, our tours are generally not religiously oriented. The exception will be those tours that are themed on religious destinations (such as the Holy land). Where schedules allow, our minister/escorts will arrange for church services at appropriate times, for interested members of the group.